Thursday, April 6, 2006

First Words

Nope, I'm not talking about foreign language lessons or anything like that.  Just wondering what the first words your children learned to say.  Not what you think the gobblety-goop they just mumbled meant, but what they said on purpose.


Dozer's first word was "mommy"-- usually with a tear-stained, crying face.  He then moved on to "Yeah", a very clear and happy "Daddy!" and "Choo-choooooo" whenever he'd see a toy train (Thomas fanatics here so there are lots of those around). 


I still don't think it's fair that "mommy" is still only said when he's upset and "daddy" is always, always in a very happy, cheery voice!  The good thing is that he wakes up happy and yelling daddy, so dh will hop right out of bed to get him. :-)  Really, who could resist such a sweet wake-up call like that?  And it gives me just a few more minutes in bed!


Anyhow, that's the extent of my 17 month old's vocabulary.  The pedi commented at his check up a few months ago that he's developed well in every area but we need to work on speech.  Uhhhh...okay....  He's a baby!  And we do talk to him and read on occasion (occasionally read to him, not occasionally talk to him), but you know what?  He just didn't like books until a couple of weeks ago (and even now only for a minute or two!)....soooo....there!....  I better stop before I get pathetically defensive and mean.


Anyhow, back to the old question:  What were your child's first words?


DiWilliams said...

Bill - mama, dada, baba (for bottle) - in that order starting at 6 months

Dylan - dada, cool!, mama - in that order, starting at 6 months

Jesse - mama - at age 18 months

Emily - mama - at 6 months

Sarah - nigh-nigh, mama, dada, baba (for brother) - in that order starting at 6 months

JennLovesJesus said...

Sounds like he's doing just fine to me! Our youngest never said two words at that age and the pediatrician didn't seem to think it was a problem. Now he talks a lot (he's 3 1/2) but he can't say his "s" or "y". So when he wants to say "yes" he says "wah", which is funny because he sounds like Fozzie Bear when he does it. The doctor (new one) said to just keep an eye on him because childrens' language usually takes off and develops well between 3 and 4. So, he may possibly need therapy for those darn "s"'s, but not likely.

I love the pics you posted of Dozer the other day. What a cutie!! Just adorable!

Funny, I was thinking about your cell phone a couple of weeks ago, because my father had done the same thing, and I wondered if you could just let it dry out. Then you posted that you did and it worked. We had an incident with Buzz Lightyear several years ago when he went swimming in the bathtub. We had to put him in the back of the closet because at three in the morning we would hear, "beep, infin...beep...beyond". Finally it stopped and then several months later when we remembered him, he worked perfectly. Okay, I've taken up way too much commenting space!

Jennifer :)

JennLovesJesus said...

I never answered the question did I???

LikeARose14 said...

...I can't ready remember whether my two older children, El Nene 5.5 and Aya (this is how the baby says her name) almost 4 said, "Mama" or "Dada" first. I am pretty sure it was “Dada,” or else I would have remembered! LOL!!! Their second words were, “Thank you…” weird! Well, Our Sunshine, who just turned two last week, her first word was “Mama”. She would call anyone and everyone “Mama” if she needed anything including my DHubby. Then, she went with the tradition of saying, “Thank you,” but out of the three she is the only one that every said, “PLEASEeeeeeee” at such a young age. It makes it so hard to say, “No!”

El Nene did not start talking until he was almost three. Aya on the other hand, never knew what silence was. Sunshine, why bother?.... she has two older siblings who spoil her. LOL!

In Christ,


eyecorn said...

I can't remember DS's first word (I really should be scrabbooking or journaling!!!). DD's was Dada...and she has remained a Daddy's girl...but that's good :)

The boys will love karate! Hee Hee...what the children don't realize is they are setting goals for themselves and learning to reach them!

It would be great fun to live near each other...I'd love a good "coffe clutching" friend :) LOL...we could have karate matches in the back yard!

SteveWalden said...

It's great that one of Dozer's first words was choo-choo. It covers a lot of things, including un-train-like things as dump trucks and tunnels.

I would NOT sweat the doctor's words, by the way.

Most of my kids started with "Dada," although I think my wife would disagree.

mistresninos said...

Interesting concept. Next time tell him, "I know a lady who didn't talk until she was two and now she can't shut up." hehehhe

My oldest son's first words were "Boos Coos" He was saying Blue's Clues. Actually, he was screaming it at the top of his lungs while standing in the hallway at 2 o'clock in the flippin' morning. Can you say "addicted?" I knew you could.

Kurtis' first word was probably Daddy or something like that but he speaks so softly that we can never hear what he's saying. Well, unless he's mad then he can talk loudly. Interesting phenomenon.

Louis' first word was train, I'm sure. Or maybe it was DVD. Or maybe "train DVD." lol.

ccmmum said...

My two girls' first words were french fry and walmart. Sad, isn't it?

chickadee said...

my dr. hasn't told us to work on language but i am agonizing myself over it. my girls talked so early. it is so strange to me that milo isn't communicating better. today he said, "tractor." every word is a huge milestone.

i think his first word was passy or maybe mama or book. one of those three but he rarely said them. and that's how he is. we have heard him say several words but he almost never says them again.

when my girls were his age they were talking in sentences and singing songs!

Tiany said...

I think your little one is A OK! My boys have all started talking at different stages. My 5 yr old started using full sentences by a year, my 3 yr old didn’t utter a word till he was 2 and my 18 month old is saying about 10 words. Mama, Papa, Nana, La La (for his passy) Nigh nigh, bye bye, Bird, hot, more, ball.

CreativeHomeschooling said...

One of my kids' first word were Waamot...(Walmart)....and Miter Donalds (McDonalds)...oh brother. Now that's a marketer's dream!!

Jennie von Eggers

mamaduso said...

My kids are 8 and 7 and 4. Honestly I don't remember and I hope I wrote it down because the information is lost.


Leigh2 said...

Kaitlyn's first word was "duck", and it was said to her ducky in the bath. This was quickly followed by every other word in the world, and by the time she was 18-months-old she was telling me that she was "devastated" and that certain television shows were not "appropriate". Natalie's first word was "Hi" and that's pretty much all she said until she was 2 1/2. Jared said "Mama" first, and he was somewhere in between Kaitlyn and Natalie with his verbal skills....but since he was so tiny, everyone still thought I was raising a prodigy. When he was two and speaking in sentences, he looked like he had maybe just had his first it was kinda funny going out in public! Lucas is doing pretty well...his first word was "Daddy" and at almost 22 months he is telling his siblings to "Leave me awone!", and informing me with a pat on the knee that he will "Be wight back!" So, basically, we've been all over the board regarding language skills. LOL

cricket313 said...

Let's see if I can remember my kids first words...

DD-now 7...probably Daddy

DS-now 5...ball

DS-now 4...mama

My 4 yo is still a mama's boy. The other's claim Daddy as the fav. (I got one out three) DD-7 is sometimes a swing vote. Haha

Anonymous said...

Each child is so different, it's just wrong for the dr to express concern at this point. I have video of my oldest (daughter) at 18 months saying "Mommy, I'm playing on the computer", nearly that clearly. She spoke whole sentences. My second child, also a girl, waited til she was around two to speak clearly, then jumped to conversation. Not everyone could understand her, it was very lispy, but she would chit-chat about daily events, not just babble. Now, my son is almost 2 1/2, but he only puts 2-3 words together at a time. My husband has mentioned it, a little worried, but I remind him that our daughters were not normal with their speech, our son is a little more the norm. I'm sure he'll be holding his own in this very talkative house soon!


My So-Called Homeschool -

Amber said...

I think it was dada for all of them, which is funny, bcz they call dada Pa.....I know it sounds Little House on the Prarie-ish.

0:) Amber

Martha said...

I have had late talkers, but then they never stop once they start talking! My 4 year old is the only one that I have had to work on and we have him in speech. Anthony is about 20 months and mimics everything we say! Don't worry about it, is what I have done and they start talking!

angelstar said...

Hi there!! It's been way too long since I visited you!! I actually put a new post on my blog after being sick for way too long. Anyway, hopefully, I'm here to stay and I can visit you all the time like I used to!!

In answer to your questions about first words - my oldest son's first word was "bear". I was a bear fanatic in those days and he heard that word ALOT!! lol This is really terrible, but I can't remember my youngest son's first word right at this moment!! I'm going to have to go and look in his baby book or ask my hubby. Gee - how embarrassing!!! Just don't tell my youngest or he'll think I'm horrible!! I'll get back to you on this . . . .

eyecorn said...

Hope y'all are having a good weekend :) The photos are up...come check out the housecleaning contest!

opheliag said...

My youngest is 16 months. Her vocabulary consists of da-da (always said in a bright, happy cheerful manner with upraised arms), ma-ma (always said when tired or upset), apple (for any food item), dog, and duck. She uses signs to let me know what else she needs or just points and grunts!