Monday, May 1, 2006

Where babies come from

When I was prego with Dozer, Dash and Tank were quite fascinated with my expanding belly.  They were very excited about their baby brother's impending arrival and loved to feel his strong kicks and watching mommy's belly bounce and jiggle.  One of their favorite things to do was to try to look in my belly button and try to see the baby!


On Dozer's birthday, they were not too surprised to visit me in the hospital and hold their new little brother for the first time.  This, of course, comes to the question of How does it get out, mommy?  Fortunately, I didn't really have to answer this question.  They had always assumed that baby would come out of my belly button!


This was told to me yesterday by Tank, who is my very sweet almost 5 year old.


Tank: Heheheheheheeee.... (running like a spaz around the room with his shirt pulled up)


Me: I see your belly button!  It kinda sticks out doesn't it? (he's got a little bit of an outie)


Tank:  Whoa!  It looks like I'm going to have a baby!!!  heheheheeee.... (continues to run around the room like a spaz)


Me:  What?


Tank:  Noooo...  I know... only girls can have babies!  Hey Dash, it looks like I'm going to have a baby! heheheheee  (giggles again and runs around the room like a spaz)


I just love my little spaz!!!  He always cracks me up.


berrymorin said...

I remember our son asking if I had a baby inside me, then asking me to open my mouth. He looked inside and said, "No baby in there." Kids say the cutest things.

Oh, by the way, you're the winner of this month's drawing for County Bunny Bath & Body product at Marcus and Me Blog. I sent you an email and I look forward to your response.

opheliag said...

My five-year old thinks exactly the same way. He keeps trying to unscrew my belly button, so his brother will just come out already! I love it!

Tiany said...

Too cute, the things that they caome up with to keep our days exciting and new!

dawilli said...

My little ones have done that too! How funny, they'll even put balls under their tops and say "look mom, I'm going to have a baby!" They've even pretended to nurse with dollies!

Kids are soooo cute! I always say that's why we keep them!

How precious, I love to hear your stories,

have a good one,


JavaMama said...

I love your little spaz too! He just sounds so cute and like such a joy!!! I love to *hear* what they are doing and saying, precious!! Thanks for sharing them.

JOYfully in Him,


sagerats said...

Those boys are too cute! I bet you bust a gut at least once a day from the things they say and do!

Haven't seen you around for awhile. Busy, busy busy! I'm thinking of you.

Abiding in the Vine!