Thursday, July 13, 2006

I can't believe Tank is 5 years old!

There is less than half an hour left of my sweet Tank's birthday.  I can't believe he's 5 years old already!!!  We had a great family day starting at Chuck E. Cheese.  He proudly whooped up on me on Arctic Thunder...and I didn't even let him win!  Then we went out to lunch, let him pick out a new bicycle from Academy, and then my in-law's let him pick out a present from Target.  He thought it was a fantastically fabulous day-- and so did I!


 What can I say?  We all love video games in our house...And me getting my bootay kicked by a newly crowned 5 year old was a family affair!


Dh and I were lamenting his growth last night and remembering the day he was born.  It was a tough pregnancy with me going into early labor at 27 wks while we were visiting family out of state.  It took ALL night for them to stop the contractions and I also had this excruciating pain in my side that they thought was appendicitis.  But God brought us through it and my precious second son was born only 5 weeks early.  He was a tiny thing at a little over 6 lbs and was in the hospital for over a week as he overcame some kind of infection and tried to regulate his body temperature (which was very low).


He was such a HAPPY and sweet and easy-going baby!  This kid loved to eat everything and anything.  And from the beginning wanted to be laid down to sleep!  He would hardly ever fall asleep in your arms but just wanted his own bed.  (Such a difference from his big brother Dash!). 


As he got older, he would play in his bed until he fell asleep and then would play in the morning until we were ready to get him out of bed.  I know, I was one spoiled momma! :-)  It was such a blessing though as he did battle RSV, asthma, etc when he was really young.  Even now he is usually the last one up...and if he's really tired, he'll just give us a kiss and tell us he's going to bed.  Weird, huh?


Oh, back to lamenting his growth...there's a reason we call him Tank-- he really is a solid little man.  When he heard dh and I talking about his growth, he came up to my dh, climbed into his lap, put his arms around his neck and said:


Daddy, don't worry... I will always be your baby!


That's so sweet that I'll overlook the fact that he didn't say he would be my baby...  Oh well, two out of my three are mommy's boys!




Amber said...

Birthday to Tank!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless,



Aww.... what a sweet way to celebrate his birthday. Much more relaxed and memorable than a birthday party with lots of children.

Happy birthday to your little man.

Regarding the mug post above - I think it's so cute.

Be blessed,


DanielleW said...

Happy Birthday Tank!

That was making me a little misty eyed and I don't even know you IRL. LOL Coud have something to do with my own little man being 5. They grow entirely too fast.

gmisch said...

A very happy birthday to Tank! My second born, also my second son, was born 10 years ago today! He is also very strongly built, and is bigger than my first son. It sounds like you guys had a wonderful day together. Congratulations to mama as well! God bless!

cricket313 said...

I know what you mean about your son turning five. My oldest is going to 8yo...ugh..I can't believe it. I always praise God b/c she was my preemie (7 weeks early). My youngest is 4.5. He was such a cute, chubby baby and always happy. I was so sad when he turned 4 b/c I viewed it as me not having anymore babies. So sad for me. My middle son is 6 and I still see him as my outgoing 2yo. I guess we always remember them in our own way, huh.

At least you have 2 out of three. I've got 1 out of three. The baby is mine.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my site. (I changed my slideshow.)

chickadee said...

what a fun day! it's bittersweet to see them grow up isn't it?