Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My new friend needs some encouragement and prayers

My new friend Kathy is beginning her first year of homeschooling.  Could you please pray for her right now?  She could use some encouragement as we all know that the first year is ALWAYS the hardest! 


Stop by her blog, say howdy, and if any of you have experience with Rod and Staff (be it words of wisdom, used curriculum you're willing to part with :-) or anything helpful at all) please leave her a comment.


I remember going through 2 packaged curriculums before I found one that was just right for us (at least for the first year or two!)-- and even then, it required some tweaking.  I know she can't really afford to go through too much "trial and error" financially.


Also, any suggestions on free homeschooling resources?  Something besides just the typical google search...anyone actually USE any of these sites, resources, etc?


THANKS a bunch, my friends!  Y'all are the BEST!


proudmommaof3 said...

I will go visit your friend. It is always hard being the New Kid on the BLock.

I see you use the Math-U-See program. Do you like it? Do you think the manipulatives are worth buying? I see you have to buy both sets but will you ever use the second set again? I hate to buy things that I am not going to use. (Life of a home school Mother I think). But I am really excited about using it. You should write a review on it. You have some gret reviews.

DanielleW said... is a blog site that is called homeschooling for less. There are a few things on there but she doesn't update it often.

Off to visit her blog.

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