Thursday, July 20, 2006

They're growing up already

I hate to say it...but my boys are growing up to be men.  I know... you're thinking this must be another DUH! moment, but it's not.  At the ages of almost-7 and 5, they might not exactly be on the brink of manhood but they are indeed already on their way!  Every day brings them a step closer.


Steve Walden's post about fishing with his son and his dad really got me thinking.  Grandpa, dad and son spoke together about manly things like carburetors, war and wetting a hook.  While I could talk to my boys about these things, it's just not the same as if it were coming from their dad.  After all, they want to grow up to be a MAN (like their dad) not a woman/wife/mommy!


I really came to the whole boy/man-wannabe realization a few weeks ago when we went out to lunch.  We were eating at our fav Mexican restaurant and ordered waters for everyone.  The waiter returned with large cups of water for me and David.  Tank (5) and Dozer (1.5) got the usual styrofoam cups with lid and straw.  Dash (7) would normally get the lidded cup and straw as well...but this time he got a big cup.  As in "real" cup.  No lid.  No straw.  Slice of lemon.


He looked at me questioningly, pointed to his cup and whispered Look, mommy.  (Translation: Why did he give me the wrong cup?)


I answered, He thinks you're big enough now. 


A smile began to creep across his lips and then he started to twinkle and smirk.  To think that someone else thought he was big!  I couldn't help but share his smile and I could see the pride on his face.  It was a good kind of pride...the Finally! Someone else actually sees that I'm not a baby anymore! kind of pride.  He was beaming.  And all for that one little big glass of water. :-)


It's funny how they really do grow into their labels sometimes.  You treat them like babies and they act like babies.  You treat them with a little respect (well, the respect worthy of a future manly man!) and they actually act a little more mature.


I guess I need to find more ways to show him that he really is a little man right now.  I need to expect him to be brave and courageous, expect him to work things out with his brother or friend, expect him to succeed in a difficult physical task...  He's pretty good about living up to my expectations! 



Leigh2 said...

I've been thinking about things like this with my five-year-old as well. Since he has two older sisters, I'm having to remind myself not to lump him in with the girs...raising boys is a whole different experience! :o)

homeskoolmom said...

I know what you mean-- it almost killed me when Bubba started getting hair on his legs and a few weeks ago Daddy had to buy him some deodorant. (he's not even 7 yet!) But believe me-- he sure smelled like a man :)

Have a wonderful day,


DanielleW said...

::Sigh:: they do grow so fast.

DebiG said...

I so know what you mean! My boys are 1, 7 and 8. I really see things changing with my 8 year old. Why is this happening?????

ladyhawk82158 said...

What an awesome and memorably occasion...the waitress bring the "big" glass!

Very touching story, Thanks for sharing it. And yes, they do grow into their own. *sigh*

ladyhawk82158 said...

Thank you Marsha for leaving me a comment and letting me know how many dishes we should keep in the house! Today's the day. :-) Dd & and I are working hard to get all the dishes caught up so we can begin the packing.

Thank you dearly for your encouragements! (((HUGS)))

cricket313 said...

My husband and I were just discussing last night that the youngest, 4 yo, has gone over to the daddy side. Yet, I do have a dd, almost, 8, and she's beginning to hang out with me more. In that case it balances out. But I say it all the's hard to believe the are growing up so fast. (Husband and I had out toddler and baby pics of each last night and I can't believe those years are gone.) Gosh, I guess children are a blessing. God is AWESOME!

May you enjoying the blessings he's given!

P.S. I put some new stuff on my site...even a chatbox.