Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Please pray for Beth

Please stop by Beth's blog (aka LIFE).  She had an ultrasound a few days ago and there are some major concerns.  She could really use some prayers and encouragement right now!!!


wardssward said...

Thanks for letting us know about Beth. I'll be praying.


Suzanne said...

...this urgent prayer request.

Regarding the comment you left on my blog: Oh! If only we had a rolling carry-on bag! :-) We usually come pretty close to "max-ing" out our book limit at the library. We're each allowed our own card, so if all four of us in our family were to "max out," we'd have 120 books to lug around! :-) (We're allotted (sp?) 30 books each at our library.)

That's neat that we both ended up at the library on the same day. :-)

Hope you have a super day, Marsha!

DandelionSeeds said...

Thanks... I will add her to the prayer list.

In Him,