Sunday, July 16, 2006

If I only had a brain

I just had a huge DUH! moment.


Last night before bed, I had a nice hot cup of my deeeelicious Gano Excel Decaf "Healthy" Coffee.  It's supposed to have even less caffeine than regular decaf.


Well, last night I was so proud of myself for getting IN bed by 10:00pm (for the second night in a row!).  This was a huge accomplishment for me as I had been in the terrible habit of staying up until midnight to 2am for the past month.  Anyway, I could not for the life of me go to sleep.  I was tired.  But my body just would not sleep...


I last remember looking at the clock at 1am.  Drat.  Double drat!  Why couldn't I go to sleep?


Well, this morning I figured out why.  I went to dump the hot water out of my stainless steel thermal insulated carafe...and it came out brown!  Zoiks.  And then the DUH dawned on me.


I forgot to take the old, used coffee filter (with regular coffee grounds in it) out before I ran the fresh pot of hot water.


I had added regular coffee to my mix of instant decaf without realizing it.  This was a huge DUH moment for me.  Might seem small to others but when it has to do with my sleep or my coffee, it IS a BIG deal...and this, unfortunately, messed up both!


I asked Napoleon if I had a brain and he said No.


CommunicationFUNdamentals said...

I had plenty of those Duh moments myself in the last three years!


SteveWalden said...

I am a Caf-fiend. I must have a cup of joe to start my day. I can usually tolerate another one until about 2 PM. I've had cups of regular at my home group -- I'm a social drinker -- and that has produced nights where I've gotten a lot done...and seen a beautiful sunrise...before I...finally...col-l-a-p-s-e....zzzzzzzzzz.

Huh? Oh We went and saw Cars and one preview in the endless previews -- if you butt gets sore before the movie starts, there's too many previews -- one of the previews had a female character in an office and she said something like, "I've found out how to not sleep!" she says very fast, very cheerful, and very loud, "Each of these patches (pointing to an arm covered in stickers) is equivalent to 12 cups of coffee! I haven't slept in days and I feel great! And there are almost no side effects." She sees a dog and screams, then recovers quickly. "Almost none," she says and smiles.

While I'm not that bad, I will say that if I have a little caffiene (like half a cup) before I go to bed, I will actually sleep better some nights. Of course, that's assuming that my back isn't hurting, and I haven't had a night without pain in a while now. Still...I love my coffee. Give me the coffee and nobody gets hurt. That's my morning motto. my coffee. Love it. Mm-hmm. Yeah.

And no, I wasn't hugging that bag of Starbucks Breakfast Blend! I was carrying it...closely.

abidinglove said...

Hope it has gotten better since and that you are enjoying early nights and peaceful sleep!!!

chickadee said...

i had to stop the caffeine after 4 pm so i can sleep at night. still... i tend to stay up way too late. 10 would be major early for me too and i probably wouldn't be able to sleep either.

ccpeterson said...

CONGRATS on making blogger of the week! How exciting!!!

Thanks for linking to that Napoleon website. We LOVE Napoleon over here!!!!!!


OreoSouza said...

LOL! That would have made me nuts! But I've had plenty of moments like these.

amada said...

Sounds like a perfect ending to a long, boring day... :(

Well, I was able to find something important to do... like surf for several hours looking for how to put music on my blog... and then trying to find something acceptable (that was the seriously hard part, if you being who you are, know anything on the subject you must divulge). I know, you're probably wondering why you are receiving the details about this... it's just that when someone famous like you reaches out to the desperate masses, the individual peons affected tend to be rather 'clingy' and start to consider themselves 'important'.

As for boredom busters in Peru... hmmm. Well, we could always watch a DVD from our library we've seen before, we could drive around (driving is the highlight, since there's not really anywhere to go), we could eat (of course that involves cooking on my part -no fast food or even prepared foods, ie: corndogs), or sleep. Sometimes, when I am terribly irresponsible (like yesterday), I get caught up on the internet; but not often or else some trauma between my children is sure to take place. The key here is to not get bored! That said, we have had our "survival" days too, thankfully not too many - we can pretty much count on something unexpected to happen here! For example, I got a call last week asking if I could host 3 - 16yo girls from the States for the weekend. Yikes. My dearest is gone, and now I have 7 children for the weekend!! Oh well, makes the time go faster anyway.

So, is this my blog our yours...? I forgot. heheheheheh. Sorry so long, I just got carried away... something peons do I guess.

I hope today was better than yesterday!


mrssulli said...

I love your new graphics, too pretty! Don't you just love those "duh" moments when you figure out how little you really know? Unfortunately, I have them quite often as well. At least they give you something to laugh at yourself over...

xoxo said...

I love coffee! Last year in chemistry there was a group of us girls that would bring starbucks to class very regurarly. (well I was already there because I had spanish, but I would call whoever was going to bucks that day to bring me a cup! after I drank the one from home in spanish!!! ) our teacher would get so mad at us and even went as far as talking to our moms about us. She didnt wasnt us to get 'adicted'! a little late.... :) my whole family are big coffee drinkers. We started young... haha! But I too cannot have any caffien after about 3pm. coffee soda... forget about it!

Thanks alot for stopping by! But um... do you start with your pics in files, then up load them? thats what I do, but how do you re-size them when they're in the files?


DanielleW said...

I have too many of those "duh" moments. I usually shake my head and mumble, "silly me." LOL

Glad you figured it out though

MomToTwo said...

If that happened to my husband he'd be awake too, but caffeine does NOTHING to me! (other than make my heart beat go crazy) I could drink a whole pot of coffee and then go to bed.

proudmommaof3 said...

Sounds like something that would happen at our house except I don't like coffee but my husband Looovvvveeeessss coffee. And being a Cowboy his dream was to always marry a girl who would drink coffee with him and watch the sun rise. Guess Whoo? Not me!! I don't get up for sun rises either. Poor guy. I am trying though.:) Can't do coffee though. Allergic to caffine.

Guess Who won the Amber's Heart Of Heart contest!?! :) I am going to do the worse photo contest now. I am going to be brave and step out of my comfort zone!!

And just so you know, you can't get dead spiders indentified. Silly girl! :) They kind of sirvel up and well, then you can't indentify them. :)

Thank you for the info on the MUS. It was most helpful. Ta, Ta

wardssward said...

Actually, that's pretty fast detective work! My husband had gone a whole month of wearing too short of suit pants (because a certain someone had washed and dried them, not realizing that they were made of wool--whoops!) until it dawned on me that they had cuffs. DUH! Now, they look as good as new... well, except for being cuff-less. :-) Anyway, I just stopped by to say "Congrats on being chosen as the Featured Blogger!" That's quite an honor and you deserve it! I always enjoy reading your blogs and receiving your comments. You always leave such kind and encouraging words.


Canadagirl said...

But it still seemed humorus, please forgive me for chuckling about it. I hope you heard about my contest. I can't remember if I told you or not. But I hope you enter your Family Nature Pic Contest. (0:

In Him,


4SeasonsLearningAcademy said...

Long time no talk to----sorry that I have been a bad friend and haven't been around. i won't even try and catch you all up--but lets just say NO Trip to Texas this year. We have decided that saving for a house is a #1 priority this next few years--so no out of state trips. BUT soon enough we will come out that way--and stop on it to say hi. I know what you went through--staying awake that is. I have that problem--but not with coffee as I am like your husband, can't stand the smell or taste. But at times I just lie awake--sometime i go on the comuter--that makes me tired late at night.--Anyway--jsut stopping in to say hi. I am going to be trying better to write in my blog.


Amber said...

I can drink 2 cups of STRONG fully caffinated coffee and pass out 5 minutes later. I wonder what Nepoleon would say about that?!

0:) Amber

DebiG said...

I hate it when that happens! I can't drink diet coke anymore after 6pm! Or I will be up for at least 2 hours in the middle of the night! I guess it's just water for me! LOL