Saturday, October 17, 2009

Field Trip: Finest Art of the Museum

The other day, my boys went to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts to learn about... THE MOON!

(ha! I bet you didn't see that coming.)

One thing I love about these classes is that it brings all kinds of homeschoolers together for a common purpose. And kinda makes you feel normal.

Look how NORMAL they look!

See how the school bus in the background almost makes you think there might be hope for these kids? It kinda gives the impression that they might be socialized (Socialized?). I mean, how else could they possibly get out and experience things like the fine art museum? You certainly can't if you were... *gasp!* homeschooled!

Okay, so "normal" lasted until I heard "Hey mommy! Take a picture of me!"


I don't know if he's trying to be serious and cool or if he's trying to be a goofy statue. Do I praise him or laugh at him? It would be a shame to do the wrong thing in this case.

So I did nothing.

And then he does this...

...Which is better than mooning me or who knows what else. Austin always has a way of making me smile in his general direction... yah, that's it. :)

Once a month, the HMFA offers workshops to homeschoolers for the low price of $8 per family. This price includes admission to the museum, instruction on the subject matter, and a project that your child can take home. You just can't beat that price for what you get!

Most museums offer low cost, high quality educational classes to the public (this goes for art, history and science museums), as well as free educator workshops and lesson plans and kits. I'm just sayin.

We visited the Moon with a very enthusiastic Montessori teacher. I appreciated the art, history and science that she included in her presentation.

When we returned to the classroom, the boys were shown this picture of The Moon Man (because I can't remember the exact name of this sculpture. does anyone know?):

The students were told to create their own version to take home.

So they cut,


and concentrated.

Oh, can't forget GLUED. Gobs of glue!

And came up with these masterpieces.

One child is a little more abstract in his art than the other.

Which do you think looks more like Moon Man? And which one makes you chuckle just a little, sigh, roll your eyes and just smile at the clownishness of it all?

I love how God made my boys so very different!


SuperAngel said...

fun! looks like y'all had such a good time! the moon is pretty cool. :)

Christine said...

Austin is so tall and lanky. :) I love him so! I laughed at the pose... I guess I would have done the same in person. :P What's up with Noah? Too cool to smile for the pics? Love the art. Glad you had fun! Love you!!!

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

Oh, how fun! I love these kind of trips. Your oldest makes me laugh. He reminds me of my youngest...always lovin the camera. I love your detail shots. :)

Karin Katherine said...

I love field trips. Aren't they they one of the best part of homeschooling? Of course when my kids see the school buses they sigh, "Oh No!"

that makes me chuckle.

Anonymous said...

That's so funny!
I wish that had stuff like that in my area. We live so far out in the boonies, I'm not even sure where the closest museum is. I'd better do some research.

Debbie said...

Man, I love those boys! What fun! I can't believe they have a friend and know how to assimilate with "regular" kids. ;) I love y'all! Next time you visit we must take them to the Exploratorium in San Fran-very cool! :)

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Serious warrior. Yes, that must be it! I'm glad I didn't laugh at him.

They are funny boys. I think Noah isn't smiling because he's like David in that respect.

We did have a great time with the class. It's nice for them to have to listen to someone other than myself for a change!

Tracy said...

Nice Moon-man!

Kelsey said...

Too funny and what a great trip!!

Anonymous said...

OK so you're the coolest homeschooling momma! :)

Anonymous said...

love it....just hope Noah's okay...he looks so sad.... Austin was having a fun time that day huh! Hugs - Donna M

Autumn Beck said...

Oh thank you so much for making me laugh on a morning that I did not want to be up this early...ahem it's 7:19 but we have been sleeping past 8!

Gracie Parker said...

I love that "arms up" picture of your sweetie. So good!