Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's hot. I ramble.

When it gets all hot and humid outside, I tend to hunker down inside my casa where the temperature is a constant 74 degrees. I was tempted to lie and say I keep my house at a respectable 76-78, but I didn't. (Proud of me?)

The short jaunt (because that's how I roll around here) to the van (which is not a Swagger Wagon or a fantasy school bus, but a mighty fine machine nonetheless) must still be bad enough to toast a few brain cells because my thoughts are bouncing all over the place! (The parentheses are distracting, no?)

1. The perfect pair on a summer day (or night).

Don't worry, this blog is still family friendly! :)

Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream and blueberry syrup that I made *all by my big self* with berries we picked last week.

2. Only 2 more school days!!! Even though we school year-round, we will be taking a break until July 5th. It sounds like I have it all thoughtfully planned out, huh? In all honesty, I just randomly picked that date to start back.

3. When my boys have too much time on their hands, they fight. So a 3-4 week break makes me a little nervous. I think I need to come up with some projects (aka PHYSICAL WORK) for them to do while we're on our brain-break. Too keep the peace, of course.

4. "How God Used a Thunderstorm" - we've been reading this devotional book for boys before bed each evening. You can see the full set from Timberdoodle here (and scroll down to read WHY they like it so much too). I love how the stories are historical and captivating. It would be very easy to sit and read this book in one sitting... I have to force myself to not read ahead and go through it with my boys.

5. MpixPro or Color, Inc. for printing your photos? Check out my sister Coco's review and tell me what you think. I have had the same issues and results as Coco, but others have had the opposite.

6. Have you seen Ruthanne's latest creation? I suddenly have the urge to make one of those red, white and blue cakes-- y'know, the ones with the strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream on top. But I much prefer pound cake over angel food cake (unless the angel food cake is made from scratch-- and not box baked either).

7. Speaking of cake and berries, can you help me find this recipe? When my sister Coco was prego with Emily-o, we had a baby shower for her. I made this dessert that we layered in a 9x13 pan. It was pound cake, strawberries, cool whip, and some sort of vanilla pudding that we made with condensed milk. Anyone have a recipe for this?

8. I am willing to share if anyone wants to drop by. *HINT, HINT* You know who you are, people. Seriously, how much bribery and begging is it going to take to force you to come visit me?!

9. Summer Movies. My boys are so excited about Marmaduke being out in theaters. As much as I try, I simply cannot force myself to take them to see this movie. I KNOW it will irritate the fire out of me. Silly animal movies just aren't my thing. I would be a CrankyMcCrankster if they brought me along. The movie *I* am looking forward to seeing is Despicable Me. Are you looking forward to any summer movies?

PS Does it bother you that there is no number 10?


Susan said...

ok, i have much to say---and i won't capitalize because i am typing with one hand as the other hand is in a bowl of honeycomb cereal. i want to see marmaduke. i love animal movies...but can hardly tolerate cartoons. my oldest has a thing for great danes. i told her when she has a house of her own she can get one but i will not pick up its poop. if i wanted to pick up poop that big i'd get a horse. i'd stop by but you'd have to get me a free ticket. i mean come on, certainly i can pass for your sister right? i havent done any professional printing yet---just costco. but i will soon. we are way behind in math. everybody does math and reading. i need a routine.
thats all for now!

Ruthanne said...

I would totally go for some ice cream and blueberry syrup right now. Nom nom nom nom . . . .

We're still working our way through school. I'm doing all of our combined school reading during breakfast like I usually do, but waiting until after lunch to work on math, reading, etc. I'm not liking the switch too much. I think it's all in my head.

RaD said...

Okay so I'll admit the movie I want to see this summer is Toy Story 3. Call me a kid at heart.

And no it doesn't bother me in the least that there is no #10. I'm not Monkish like that (not sure if you ever watched Monk on tv, but if you did you know what I'm sayin' and if you didn't, well, your loss :)

Terry Elisabeth said...

I haven't even seen a summer movie list ! I don't know what's coming out. But if there are chick flicks, that's what I want to see.
I think that maybe the recipe you are looking for is strawberry shortcake. Pound cake-whipped cream-pound cake-strawberries and sometimes custard. There can be many variations for this dessert.

Beckypdj said...

Toy Story 3 is the summer movie for me!!

Jac said...

That looks delicious! Could definitely go for some ice cream right about now... And I can totally relate to the boys ighting whne they have too much free time. I do the same thing- and give them work to do! haha They get along real well after having to do a few extra chores around the house... :P

Peggy Sue Brister said...

It does bother me that there is no number 10 b/c I am OCD about numbers. I dislike ODD numbers.

Hannah Braboy said...

If I had the moolah, I would have flown out last night when I saw the status on Facebook. Oh. My. Word. Yum!

And number 10? Nah. It doesn't bother me.

Christine said...

I also want to see Toy Story 3. I would watch any chick flicks too. I'm not a fan of going to the theater though. I'm a "wait till it comes out on dvd" kind of gal. :P That ice cream and blueberry syrup looks delicious. I'm not the least bit surprised that you made it all by your big 'ol self. :P
That dessert you made for my shower was delicious! Be sure and share the recipe once you find it.
And it DOES bother me that there is no #10. :P Love you!

Dawn said...

Those blackberries look fabulous! Have you tried The Pioneer Woman's blackberry cobbler? It is very easy and yummy!

Hey we're moving to Kemah in July. Is that closer to you?

Gwen T said...

"How God Used..." - I've seen this in Timberdoodle but never ordered it. Thanks for the recommendation!!

Mmmm...that dessert looks wonderful!

Lainie said...

"It's so fluffy I could die!"

I am looking forward to it's release also. :) Which is a surprise because I thought I wouldn't be interested based on the title. But the extended trailers look very cute.

And sorry no help on the recipe but I make a Fruit Pizza that is yummy and I would be happy to share if you're interested :)

Your syrup looks all kinds of awesome btw. Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

A girl after my own heart! (& I'm an "indoor" girl too)

amy in peru said...

this post makes me love you.

everything about it makes me smile.

amy in peru