Friday, June 25, 2010

loving my new coffee

My friends Zephyr and Nathan just started a new business-- Cane Creek Coffee.

Yes, COFFEE. Yummy coffee grown in the mountains of Western Honduras and freshly roasted in Tennessee. Coffee and Tennessee are two of my favorite things. Does it get any better than that?

Oh wait, it does. Did I mention that my friends have a coffee business? Great coffee and friends really do go together. Especially if said friends can supply my addiction help make my mornings bright and perky. :)

Since I prefer a dark, bold coffee, I tried their French Roast, Chocolate Almond and Cinnamon Hazelnut coffees.

But not all in the same morning... boy, would I have been bouncing off the walls if that were the case!

It was a tough decision but I would say that the Cinnamon Hazelnut was my favorite. Mmmmmm...

If you want to try something new and delicious, visit my friends at Cane Creek Coffee and order a free sample!

Do you have a favorite coffee?

(or are you a tea drinker? i don't want my proper friends to feel left out. do you have a favorite tea?)

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Anonymous said...

I love both coffee and tea, but sadly, it has to be decaf. Caffeine does yucky things to my body!

I am obsessed with different flavored creamers! Every time I see a new flavor, I HAVE to try it. :)

Christine said...

Definitely coffee! :) I just wish you were closer so we could have coffee together every once in a while.:) I have quite a few tea drinking friends and not so many coffee drinking friends. Most coffee drinkers I know here are men! Psh! What fun is that? Anyway, I drink Starbucks Italian Roast most often. I do enjoy Peet's Major Dickson. Yum!

Michelle said...

heehee! does drinking sweet southern tea make me all proper like ;)

i drink coffee occasionally in the winter but i'm a sweet tea drinker year round

Anonymous said...

Oh coffee, what would I do without you? I'm in love with green mountain coffee actually. What kills me is that its super cheap in the US but in Canada it may as well be GOLD! We have to special order it in for like $15 for the smallest bag EVER, seriously I may as well go to starbucks every morning and pay the same thing!! Whatev though, addicted I am :))))

Thanks for coming to visit me! BTW, I think your fam photos on the previous post are cute!

happy weekend!

Bethany said...

Mmmm Coffee! I love the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans! You have such great pictures, I might have to go fix me another cup!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

I love the smell of coffee. YUM!

Dapoppins said...

favorite coffee... i don't know. I mean. I drink a pot a day, of what I have, usually half-caf Folgers...I have tried some other more expensive from the local store, but I think part of the taste is the brewing process and at home I am more of the "easy and fast" is better than "anything that requires effort."