Friday, June 24, 2011

waiting, new license and it's pretty here

Sooooooo we found out that our stuff is not going to be here anytime soon. Even though it was packed up weeks ago, it is still sitting in Los Angeles and should be arriving here in approximately 33 days.

That's over a month, y'all.

I miss cooking, my pillow, cold a/c, and s-p-a-c-e.

In other news, I handed over my Texas Drivers License and got this bad boy instead. Kinda makes me sad.

Moving all the way to Guam was not that big a deal to me, and yet handing over my Texas license was... Why is that?!

I thought about lying about my weight on the application. Hotel living and eating out all the time is not conducive to rejoicing on the scale.

I would totally have lied had I known they were actually going to print my exact weight on the front of my license!

Please tell me my library card won't be as painful to look at.

Let's move along now, shall we?

The tide has been very low and the waters very calm this past week. Peaceful walks on the beach were just what we needed after being in the hotel all day.

[The sand on this beach is actually very white and soft. What you see here are the marks of the receding water.]

No matter how clear the sky, it never takes long for a storm to brew, empty itself and then stop as suddenly as it came.

[These cell phone pics just don't do justice to the beauty of this island.]

Guam has a small town (but tropical) feel and a population of approximately 160,000. Very opposite of Houston!

You can tell if a town is small in Texas by two things:

1. It has a Dairy Queen.
2. They have one traffic light.

No Dairy Queen here and there are definitely a lot of traffic lights, but let's consider the fact that there is only one underpass/overpass on the entire island. That tells me it is definitely the opposite of big, overcrowded Houston here... and I like it that way.

Would you lie about your weight if it was on the front of your drivers license? What's the population of your town? Do you think it is too big, too small, or just right?

PS All of the [parentheses] and blockquotes in this post are bugging me... too tired to fix it. No one else has notices, yes?


Sam said...

Gorgeous cell phone pics! I would have been sad too...and not lied about my weight. :D

Lesley Peck said...

Here in WV it is printed on the front and OF COURSE I lie about it! :D

Also I just want to say your driver's license picture disgusts me. You look beautiful and that's just not right. It's not natural. Aren't they suppose to make you look like a convicted felon? Cause if not I'm really going to start complaining about mine. LOL

<3 ya!

Susan said...

Such beautiful landscape. or is that oceanscape? I want to see more more more! ;-) I would have been sad too to turn over my state license plate. I guess that would make it feel real that you are really living there for a good chunk of time and not just vacationing. I did not lie on my weight. I may or may not have lied in the past. ;-)

Amico Dio said...

Oh girl... you are gorgeous! So is the landscape. I'm sorry to hear about your stuff though. 33 days? Yikes.

You should have put the coffee pot in your carry on.


Tracy said...

Ugh on the stuff....ARE you SURE you guys aren't in the Military? LOL! Sounds like stuff that happens to us.

I was VERY attached to my TN license and cried when I let it go. (That was just a few months ago, and we haven't lived there in 5 years).

Brenda said...

I could not knowingly lie about my weight, but since I am opposed to weighing...I never know exactly what it is.

Let's just say my estimate would involve ROUNDING DOWN.

Something my bottom knows nothing about.

Beth said...

Beautiful pictures!! What a gorgeous place you're living in.

I HAD to laugh when you said moving to Guam was easy, but giving up your Texas license wasn't. *Totally* relate. When I got my Korean license I actually had to choke back tears. Silly, I know. But I'm also glad to know (even if it's way past my situation) that I am not alone in that feeling. I always felt it was the small things that were hardest to let go of.

Hope their ETA of your things is wrong and you can be settled soon. Are you waiting for your stuff before you move into an apartment?

NCMom said...

Since our family recently moved across the country, I can totally relate. I am so glad to finally be settling in. Yep, it was HARD to give up my license. And YES I had to give my weight, I paused before I told the lady at the DMV. At least you have the beach. S.I.G.H.

Christine said...

I do...ahem....lie about my weight for my driver's license. I put what I look like I weigh, not the actual weight. We have several traffic lights, but we're definitely a small (or at least smaller) town. We have approx. 21,000 people. I love living out here...much slower pace, just like me. :) I love you! Btw, your driver's license pic is really good. :)

Angela DeRossett said...

Love the pics... small town. I grew up in a Texas town of 700 that got their first (and only) traffic light after Jason and I got married--still no Dairy Queen. lol

RaD said...

Our ciy has 37,000 and I think it's just about right, since I live on the edge and not in the middle of town. Otherwise, I might not feel that way.

And no, I didn't really think the parenthesis were all that excessive (I do it all the time!).

Melissa Stover said...

oh i'm sorry about your stuff! 33 days is a long time.
no stop lights here. no dairy queen. no post office. i may live in guam.

Brandi Wilson said...

Would I lie about my weight...Yes I know this for a fact because I lied about it when it wasn't being printed on my license. When I was getting it renewed (from like 3 kids back) the woman asked me if I still weighed ###. "Uh, yeah sure whatever you say."

My city pop is about 120,000 I love my city! Just right!

Nikowa said...

WOW your license looks like a print-out for peah LOL! Great DL photo though! LOVE your new haircut!

I'm SO envious of your beach view!!!!

And eh, my license has right weight... no one seems to believe me when I say I weigh more than the average football player... *sigh*

Becky said...

It is so pretty there!
I don't have to lie on my driver's license because they don't really update it. When I had to renew it on my 30th birthday I opted to renew it online which meant they just sent me a new copy of my old license with a new expiration day. I get to look like and weigh what I did when I was 25 (and had only been pregnant once) until I'm 35!!! Yay!

Unknown said...

This made me laugh so hard. I would pretty much DIE if my weight was on my licence. OH MY GOSH!