Friday, December 2, 2005

Six of the Sevens

Okay, I am finally getting around to doing the Seven Seven's thingamabob...courtesy of Susan, ccpeterson, and I've forgotten the third person...sorry!  I never said my memory was very good...


Seven Sevens (all in no particular order)


Seven things to do before I die
1. Travel to all 50 states in the good ole US of A (with hubby, of course!)

2. Learn to knit

3. See all of my children accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour

4. Speak Spanish...fluently (mi espanol es muy malo)

5. Write what my mom calls my "life story" but I'd really like to write a book about my Korean grandmother...she was such a strong and very resourceful woman!

6. Beat my husband at golf

Seven things I cannot do
1. Put paper towels in the holder in the kitchen (dh kindly does it for have to unscrew the whole thing to replace it...who has time for that?)

2. Skate backwards

3. Sing harmony

4. Dive

5. Water Ski (or is it waterski?)

6. Apparently count to seven since I stopped at #6 on the first question!

7. Whistle loudly with my fingers in my mouth

Seven things that attract me to my husband
1. He's the only person in the entire world that can truly make me laugh...all the time!

2. He's the best daddy ever...and always includes the boys in his activities.

3. He is the most handsome man I know.

4. He not only loves me truly and deeply-- but tells me so all the time.

5. He not only tells me he loves me, but shows me he loves me...sending me away for coffee or shopping when he thinks I'm stressed out...lots of hugs and kisses...sweet love notes hidden around my house...and I can just tell by the way he looks at me...I think I would die without him, I just love him so much!

6. He is my superman...honey, can you fix this? open this? make this? lift this? move this? do this?...he can do anything and everything very well.

7. He doesn't let me least not that I know of...and if I do beat him at something, he's proud of me. :-)

Seven things I say most often
1. I love you.

2. Good manners, please.

3. Quit dawdling!
4. Time to clean up.

5. Pay the toll! (which is a kiss)
6. What would you like to drink/eat?
7. Hello? (Not the sarcastic version but the my-cell-phone-is-an-extension-of-my-being version of hello).

Seven books (or series) I love
1. The Holy Bible (KJV)
2. Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit- Terri Maxwell

3. To Train Up a Child- Mike and Debi Pearl

4. Leading Little Ones to God

5. Guess How Much I Love You

6. Created To Be His Helpmeet- Debi Pearl
7. Goodnight Moon- Margaret Wise Brown

Seven movies I watch over and over again (or would watch over and over if I had the time)

1. The Princess Bride

2. The Incredibles

3. The Sound of Music

4. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

5. Robin Hood (the one with Kevin Costner...even though he is waaay old now)

6. Anything with Sean Connery...I just love his voice

7. Beauty and the Beast (Disney)


And if anyone else wants to answer these questions, just make a comment or leave a link so I can see what you said!


sagerats said...

I love that version of Robin Hood! I love Sean Connery. (I also love Sam Elliot)

Pay the toll! We say, "Pay the tax!" This can include a kiss, or giving us bits of their french fries or candy.


DiWilliams said...

I just posted my answers and came here to tag you! Oh well!

Blessings ~ Diane

DiWilliams said...

Likewise, I had forgotten about the Sound of Music ... even though I just bought it for my kids for Christmas!

Blessings ~ Diane

Amber said...

I'm too late. Don't feel bad, (about not being able to count to 7) I can only count up to 42......comments that is. Go see, I'm gonna win nanananananana...............

God Bless,


PS~ Ah ha...maybe your son (6yo) can teach you to count...he seems to be pretty good with numbers!