Thursday, February 2, 2006

Bless the Lord- The 103rd Psalm

Why is it that we can read the Bible and sometimes the words, God's Words, just go in and then right out of our heads?  I'm ashamed to say it, but it's true.  I love to read my Bible but there are times that I just see words.  I'm either too hurried or distracted to see the beauty and love behind what God is actually saying to me-- and to listenAnd yet when these same Words are written on a blog, in a letter or some other non-Bible place, it really makes me pause and take notice!  Such is the case with Bless the Lord: The 103rd Psalm, illustrated by Johannah Bluedorn. 


In this book, the very talented Johannah Bluedorn (interviewed in the current Winter Edition of TOS) illustrates the true beauty of The 103rd Psalm (KJV) in lovingly detailed pictures.  Some of her drawings remind me of the My First Little House books that I used to read with my boys.  There is an innocence to Johannah's illustrations that kinda makes you *sigh*...but in a good way!  The rich colors throughout the book make you just want to climb right in and make yourself at home!


I think that this is a great book to sit and read with your children.  Start your day out with it over breakfast or cuddle up with it at night before bed.  They will enjoy getting lost in the world that Johannah has created.  My oldest son really enjoyed finding some of the "hidden treasures" in the pictures.  He even noticed a couple things that I missed in my first three times through the book (hint:  look in the trees)!  Teeeheehe...does it bother you that you may not have a copy of this book in front of you to figure out what I'm talking about?!  If so, then get it now!


Another thing I really like about this book is the song at the end.  Harvey Bluedorn wrote music so we can have a tune to Psalm 103-- how's that for talent in a single family?!  We all know that it is much easier to memorize scripture when it is set to a tune!  And with verse numbers notated in the score, you can easily pick out what verse of Psalm 103 you're singing.


I can't wait to read Miss Bluedorn's other books!  I have a feeling that I will be starting quite the collection.


DandelionSeeds said...

Thanks! Looks good... also... which Kris? Would you stop back and leave the link in your comment?

Thanks dear!


DandelionSeeds said...

So I went there and I'm so upset with you... there's way too many good things there... do you have anything else? How 'bout this one, <a href='>"My Mommy, My Teacher"</a>? Looks really good...

DandelionSeeds said...

Would you please stop by my blog?... I'm playing a love prank on my hubby and need your help...



Debismumto4 said...

Hello there

I struggle with finding time to read my Bible and then when I do there are always so many distractions. Finding a good time to have peace and quite is the key. I have yet to discover it but I keep on trying!!!!

God Bless

Love Deb

KayinMaine said...

You are so right. Johannah Bluedorn is a very talented young lady. Her illustrations are truly beautiful. We have The Lord Builds the House: the 127th Psalm, as well as My Mommy, My Teacher. I just love to look at the pictures with my children. There is such a sweet old fashioned quality about them.

Great review!

RainyDayMichele said...

That's really cool. The boys memorized Ps.103 this year as part of the sonlight curriculum. It would be neat to see this book! Thanks for sharing the info.

mommyx3 said...

Boy do I hear you Marsha. So many times I've been distracted in my bible reading, feeling as though I still get "credit" if I just read the words on the page. But really what is the point if the words aren't imprinting on your heart? Thanks so much for the recommendation. I'm defnitely going to check out Johanna's books!


MyChildrenAndMe said...

You know, my Daddy (yeah daddy's girl) said each time he goes through the Bible. He pick's up something that he did'nt catch onto the first time around.

He would look at me and tell me something that he had caught onto and turn around and grab his Bible and re-read it to me. Funny cause, then we get into

another verse and before you know it. We've been both reading for a time.

Boy, I look forward to visiting my Mom and Dad...... (and the kids too)

Amber said...

I guess sometimes we just need a reminder. Thanks for the reminder Marsha!

God Bless,


Amber said...

TAG you're it!

0:) Amber

Janne said...

We just received this book a couple of days ago. It is wonderful!

mcrgintx said...

I love the Bluedorns too!

I had an idea.

Check out the link and pass it on!

creativehsmom said...

Hi Marsha,

What a good post!

I have alot of respect for the Bluedorns. I have the book "Teaching the Trivium"

it's a really good read. I listened to Harvey on an audio too, he's a good speaker.

Have a happy day!

Cathy :o)

DandelionSeeds said...

Just stopping by to say hi! Hope you have a great weekend!



eyecorn said...

I have to check these out!! Thanks for posting about's always wonderful to get a "word of mouth" recommendation. Hope you all had a great weekend.


Debismumto4 said...

Hi Marsha

Just thought I'd drop by and let you know how my first Bible Exhibition session went. It was fine but I certainly will never win any awards. The kids were a group of 10-11 year olds but they looked more like 14 year olds especially the girls. Kids are allowed to grow up to fast and dress way to old.

I made my costume out of an old sheet with a hole cut in it for the head and a piece of fabric for a shawl. Fashion design here I come!!!?????

I'm sure you can imagine just how gorgeous and bride like I must have looked!!!!!

Only two more sessions to go.

Have a great day

Love Deb


BRAVO on your comment at my post today. Man look at all your comments, you are POPULAR, girl!

eyecorn said...

Hee Hee! Oh, yeah, I will save the photo of DS for a future wedding rehearsal video. Oh, believe me, this particular photo was tame compared to some of his other antics today...and I got it all on "film".

mom26kidz said...

Wow! You are popular!! Thanks for the book recommendations! And thank you for congratulating in your post on my blog! Thanks for all the suggestions, sounds great. I didnt know I could order flowers from Sam's..I will definately check that out! Again, thanks!