Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Results of the experiment and our V-day morning

When the kids woke up this morning they noticed the first heart I taped to the bathroom wall.  It had a smiley face and another said I love you.  Amy V. would be SO proud of me!  They had such fun running around the house finding all the hearts I had placed for them-- on the doors, windows, their chairs (which said "Mommy loves their name").  I can't believe I was actually considering being a party-pooper!   (Edited to add that JenIG has sorta redeemed herself although the makin's of a rebellion is punishable by something horrible, I'm sure).


Each kid (baby included) got their own little heart-shaped box of chocolate that I paid a whopping .94 cents for at Wal-mart.  They drank their milk in V-day decorated cups and ate their chocolate for breakfast.  If you could only see the great big smiles on their faces!!! 


I also stole Amy V's idea and took a red sharpie to draw a heart on the palm of their hand.  When they look at it, the heart means I love them...and the dot in the middle of it reminds them that Jesus loves them (and reminds them of his sacrifice on the cross of Calvary).


They have been playing merrily ever since-- I think it was the chocolate for breakfast that did the trick.  Oh and here is the conversation that ensued after the sugar rush died down a little.


Tank:  Come and see!!!  COME AND SEE!!!


Dash:  Oooo, it DID change the color of the water!  The juice must've come out to make it red.  And the gummy is very gooey-- almost changing into floam.


Mommy:  Floam?  What's that?


Dash:  That means very stretchy. (spreads his arms out wide)


Mommy:  So was your hypothesis correct?


Tank:  Mommy, every time I put my ear on the tv, it stings me and shocks me! hahahahahah!!!  (runs around the room like a spaz)


Dash:  Yup, it was corrrrrrrect!


I just love my boys.  They warm my heart and make me smile.


Have a great Valentine's Day y'all!


Now we're off to bake a heart-shaped cake for dh.  I know, I know...it's a bit overboard on the heart thing, huh?  But the kids love it!





Amberleoda said...

My kids had chocolate for breakfast too! I guess I should take the candy away and make them some REAL lunch! But where's the fun in that?

DandelionSeeds said...

I am SO proud of you... see? How can you not do something just to show someone you love them? Everybody loves to know that someone took the time to do something extra for them.

I'll be posting about my day tomorrow... we've had fun, but always there's some things that don't go quite to plan... making the best of it though. Please pray for hubby, as he's having a horrible day... (satan's way of trying to ruin this...)

Love ya and see ya tomorrow!


chickadee said...

totally unrelated comment. i noticed a comment you made on someone else blog and you said read about it here or something to that effect with here highlighted and a link to your page. how did you do that? i can't figure out how to do that in the comment area. where is the little world you click on to add it or what's the secret way?

chickadee said...

sorry to post again, me with my head hanging low, but your "practice on your own page" made me laugh so hard that i'm sure it counted as exercise! i'll have to practice more later. my sweetheart is here with my valentine's gift, pizza! thanks for your patience and help! :)

JenIG said...

you mushy people are so sweet. it sounds like a fabish day. glad it was a winner. and i tweren't no party poopin girl. you take that back

eyecorn said...

How fun!!! Oh, that isn't overboard on the hearts thing....you can't have enough hearts!! It must've just warmed your heart to see your precious boys so excited and happy.


Glad you made the day fun.

No party poopin allowed!

Be blessed,


CAgirlwithasoutherndrawl said...

Your lids are soooooooooooooo funny! I love that you post their little thoughts (and big ones). I still laugh every time I think about the ebay purchase!


chickadee said...

i've been too busy exercising

berrymorin said...

That's a great idea. I'm sure they had a fun time. I gave my teenage son a Valentine card and a gift card. I decided to put the gift card on his computer keyboard and the card taped to his door.

Amber said...

How sweet, (no pun intended) making a cake for DH. We didn't do much, a lot of cleaning in the schoolroom though! They made brownies and my SIL had them make a BIG white CROSS and then they all made a herat in their favorite color and wrote thair name on it, hole pnched it and atteched them together. A Valentines banner for JESUS! I thought that was a good idea, she's full of them.

Well, I better go say hi to a few more bloggers before I clean some more.


chickadee said...

i hope you are feeling ok. you didn't post today. i expect daily updates from all my friends on my friends page when i read each day. did that shot get you on the mend?

eyecorn said...

Hope everyone is feeling better! Just popped over to say "hey".