Thursday, February 16, 2006

My cell phone drowned

I can't believe it happened.  I went into the bathroom to yell at my fighting little booger boys and it just slipped out of my hand.  *KERPLOP* right into the water!  I snatched it out as quickly as I could and dried it off.  But it was too late... 


My little buddy.  Mi amigo.  My extension of me.  I'm really going to miss it.


I already feel lost without it.


Good thing it was my cell phone and not a hairdryer!  Wait...we don't need hairdryers here with all the bald-ies running around.


*sigh*  So pardon me if I wander aimlessly about for a while.  And if y'all need to get in touch with me, just e-mail or call me at the house.  Yes, PCS friends and family members, you will have to actually USE your minutes!



Marshy who needs to finish laundering and packing


PS Check out my spaz-boy Tank saying the Pledge in my sidebar-- just click that little "play" arrow!  Isn't he a cute little patriot?!


PPS  Dash insisted I post the clip of him singing Away in a Manger-- I wanted to post this in December but couldn't figure out sister Coco found this site-- cool, huh?


chickadee said...

hope you have lots of fun on your vacation. we'll miss you!

Youngwife said...

Maybe you should have a little ceremony...something small, yet one that pays tribute to all the long hours of service and duty!! I don't know how you are making it without it!!??!! I have to have mine, especially when I am on the internet with my lovely dial-up!!! :-(

GogoMama said...

You think they'd make the phones a little more durable!

Personally, I hate the electronic leash :-). We have VOIP now and need a new ethernet cable, so there are periods of blessed silence when our broadband goes down *s*.

Tank and Dash are darling :-). You're obviously doing a great job.


Juldos said...

One day, recently, I was boiling shrimp and talking on the phone at the same time (not my cell phone) and the phone slipped right into the shrimp boil. So now it is very hard to press the 4,2 and 3 buttons. Those numbers are what most of the phone numbers begin with around here. Friends always chuckle when they are trying to use my phone and the numbers are so hard to press and I tell them why.

Sorry you lost your phone. Did you get insurance for it?

Julie D.

mominpa said...

But I have a succes story too... I washed mine in my jeans and DRIED it!! I heard this BANG BANG BANG in the drier and was to busy to stop it so let it run the full 70 minutes!!!!!!!!! YES> When it came out it was DEADER than a doornail (what a stupid saying) anyway after a few days it could dial but no picture would appear but hey...that was okay with me... I hit it a few times with the wrong end of a screw driver (why? I don't know...but now it has a nice crack in the screen) however 2 more days later the picture appeared and today it works like the day I bought it (with the exception of the crack in the screen) !!!

I called the place that made it to see if there was any hope and they said " washed it and fried it...the coponents are done" WRONG...I prayed...yes I really did (after them telling me the cheapest phone I could buy was over $100!!) and it works now.... I can't even believe it...but it does!!

So don't throw it away give it 2 weeks see what happens!!


I love thsoe videos! They are the cutest ever!

What a great way to show off your kiddos!

Your packing so I am guessing your taking a trip.

have fun!


hippiechyck said...

in the toilet and i have sent it through the washer also ;-)

i'll bet in a few days it'll be fine...but Nextel has some good deals going right now!

Leigh2 said...

Just found you and had to say...we've put our cell phone through the washer, so I know the pain. LOL

Also...the kids...they are adorable!

ccpeterson said...

Oh my goodness! They are DARLING!! Thanks for sharing.


carmatlock said...

Have fun on your trip. Hope you can enjoy. I know me. . .I would be away and worrying sick about the kids.

Bad mommie. . .Bad mommie. . .

Have fun. . . .please!