Friday, February 17, 2006

Goodbye for reals this time!

I'm almost packed-- okay, not at all packed-- but wanted to take this time to say BUH-BYE!!!


We'll be heading to Tokyo and on to Beijing in the AM.  Yeeeee-hawwww!  And Steve Walden, I shall take your advice if they give me any grief about my Bible...  Uhhh...It's my husband's!!! 


So my dear friends, I leave you with one final video clip on my sidebar of Chunky-Monkey.  Tis an oldie but a goodie!


If anyone has any suggestions for a new, shorter, schnazzier nickname, please post a comment.  Mayhaps I shall even award a prize to the winning entry!


Take care my friends and remember, NO FUN until I get back!





DandelionSeeds said...

Have a wonderful time! Let me know when you're back... I'll miss ya!



KarenW said...

Those videos are too cute! I'm going to have to figure out how to do that.

SteveWalden said...

See ya soon, Marsha! Hey, you might drop by an internet cafe and let us know how you're doing. And I know that the Commies haven't blocked visits to HSB, because I've gotten visits from Beijing before. So that's one less excuse.

Have fun!

creativehsmom said...

Marsha, have a safe and wonderful trip. We'll see you when you come back!

Cathy :o)

Christy said...

Oh Marsha, how I'll miss you. I look forward to reading your blog and that video of Mr. Chunky Monkey man is TOO cute. I even had to show it to my hubby. Don't you love how babies can melt even the biggest men simply with their laughs?!

Oh, and please don't change his nickname. It's so cute. I've even started using it here on my kiddo's.

MyChildrenAndMe said...

Be safe, have fun. Love the mini-clips of the boys. Our cat was having fun listening to it too.

eyecorn said...


Have an AWESOMELY, FANTASTIC, INCREDIBLE trip. We will miss you terribly, but will pray for a wonderful journey. Your DSs are so adorable...that laughter is just precious, but that little face melts my heart.

Safe travels my friend,


eyecorn said...

P.S. Oh, you have to hit some Internet cafes so you can keep that "most comments posted" status on the homepage!!

Amberleoda said...

Have fun and enjoy yourself! The clips of your kiddos are soooo cute!!!!

You should call your little one Dozer (as in Bulldozer). You already have a Tank, why not a Dozer. But I still think CM fits him just fine!

Amber said...

And while you're there, call me.....oh yeah, that's right, you can't-lol! Have a WONDERFUL, FUN, EXCITING trip! If you do stop at one of those internet cafes, stop by and say hi, I miss you already.

God Bless,


Amber said...

I like Michelle's name, Dozer. Or if Dash is short for Dashboard, you could call him Steering or Wheel or Steeringwheel, still I like Michelle's. I'm gonna think up some names for my children too.

0:) Amber