Tuesday, February 7, 2006

I've calmed down and canceled my doctor's appt

Yup, too chicken to tell my big sis in person that I canceled my doctor's appointment for tomorrow...so I'm blogging about it instead.  (But I'm not afraid of you, Coco-- I can still whoop up on you like when we were little-- except you being prego and all makes you a little more imposing...)


How can I possibly talk to the doctor about what ails me when I'm not doing the most BASIC of things to take care of myself?  Hmmmm...I can just see it now...


Doctor:  So have you had this before?

Me:  Maybe once but it didn't last long...just dizzy for a day.

Doctor:  Are you eating right?  Taking your vitamins?  Exercising?

Me:  Ummm...No.

Doctor:  Are you even getting 8 hours of sleep?

Me:  No?

Doctor:  Weren't you up quite a bit with sick kids for the entire week before this happened?

Me:  Yes.


Diagnosis:  You are just really tired and need to take better care of yourself.  Try a week of decent sleep, decent meals and a multivitamin and I'm sure this won't happen again.  Oh and if it does, you are getting older, ya know!


Plus, I WebMD'd my symptoms and I think I'll survive.  Perhaps I was a bit hasty in my panic...you know, the nighttime makes ya crazy and all.  But in the meantime, dh and I will get our will's done before we go on our trip next weekend...and I will stop this post now so I can get to bed at a decent hour.


If I get all weird again, I promise I'll go to the doctor, okay???  Thanks for all the kind comments and sympathy/empathy and all-- y'all are the best!



Marsha (who is a little crazy in the head sometimes but hopefully in a not-too-annoying kind of way)



What happened? What were your symptoms?

Juldos said...

Praying that the Lord will allow you to get some good sleep and will strengthen your body.

Sweet Dreams!

Julie D.

OreoSouza said...

You know...I do that too...and scare myself to death. Don't eat right, not enough sleep, almost zero water....dehydration often causes dizzy spells and scattered brains...

But we will all hold you to it..if it happens again, in to the Dr.!

DandelionSeeds said...

Another online MD??!! Would you believe that my husband thought he might be having a heart attack one night, and instead of telling me about it, went online to check it out instead??!! Then, when he was satisified that it wasn't a heart attack, he came to bed and never told me until the next morning! OOOOOOOOOOO... you people are horrible!

Still love ya,


sagerats said...

My very wonderful Aunt always makes sure I take my vitamins and minerals. She says to me, "Do you want any vitamins and minerals?" I say, "yep!" Then she hands me handful of chocolate chips and marshmellows. I am very healthy!

Get some sleep and have your vitamins and minerals!

Abiding in the Vine!

wardssward said...

Sure glad you're feeling better! These fleshly bodies of ours can sure be a mystery sometimes. Hope you're right, though... that you just need to take better care of yourself and get more rest. Thanks for the comments you left on our blogs!


mamaduso said...

My husband and I went on a cruise last May for our anniversary and I couldn't leave my kiddo's unless we made a will. We did and I am so glad that is taken care of.


CAgirlwithasoutherndrawl said...

You are absolutlely funny and neat and all that other stuff.

I just had that dr./me conversation in my head last week! *sigh* I am really and truly going to get on the ball and get healthy. I think I actually have one of those exercise balls.

I wonder where it is...........


creativehsmom said...

I push myself to the point where I am forced to sit still and be sick, not on purpose but getting sick slows us down! I know that sounds strange but when I start forgetting to take care of myself, when I get a whopper of a cold (like I have now :o/) I *have* to slow down and care for myself, ya know, the Vit-C and the soup and the OJ. When will we ever learn! Lol. I hope you're feeling better!

Love, Cathy

Janne said...

So does this mean you are feeling better now? Take those vitamins girl! (Um...just don't ask me if I've been taking mine)