Sunday, February 12, 2006

Mamaduso's Spiritual Tag

Since Susan is sooo sweet and used very good manners in her comment, here are my responses to her spiritual tag.  By the way, she definitely lives up to her blog title of Ladies in Training, doesn't she?  And if you haven't checked out the many talents of mamaduso, you have got to see pics of the jewelry she makes-- tres bien, no?


On to the business of the tag:


How long have you been a christian?

17 years


What is you favorite verse or passage?

Philippians 4:13- "I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me."

Philippians 4:6-8

Isaiah 43:2


Have you led anyone to Christ?

Sad to say, but No.  I have planted and watered... I pray earnestly for the day that my children will accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour!


How old where you when you were born again?



Was there one thing that kept you from being born again sooner? (This is my own question). 

Like many people, it was PRIDE!  Had it not been for my terrible pride, I would've accepted Christ much earlier.  But what would people think of me?  What would they say?  I was a good girl and many already thought I was a Christian...they didn't know what was truly in my stubborn heart.  Being good or "religious" will not get you into heaven.  You should have a time and a place where you personally repented of your sins and asked Jesus Christ to be the Lord of your life and heart.  Embarrassment held me back for a long time, but like the song says-- Jesus set me free!


What do look forward to most when getting to Heaven?

Being at the feet of Jesus!!! I cannot even imagine what it would be like...let alone no more sorrow, no more pain, no more tears...


Who do you want to see most when you get to Heaven?

My family and friends that have already left this earth.


What bible character/hero do you want to talk to first?



What one thing do you want to be able to do in Heaven that you can't do on Earth?

I have no idea!  Walk the streets of pure gold, I suppose.


Tami said...

I will be emailing you for your address.

Have a blessed day! Tami

mamaduso said...

Very fun! Thank you for doing that!