Monday, February 13, 2006

Today's three reasons for loving homeschooling

1.  We are going to have our lessons in a few minutes-- and yes, it is nighttime.  I was sick and had a doctor's appointment this morning.  I was given a nice shot of penicillin and a prescription to help me with my pharyngitis.  I am feeling much better already...and may I say that Vanilla Tylenol PM is really niiiiiiice!


2.  Dash asked if we could have double lessons tonight and not have school tomorrow.  He is already working diligently downstairs.  This now leaves tomorrow free for some fun they-don't-know-they're-learning kind of activities.  Outside school, public or private, would not be so flexible with all the stuff that pops up in a normal family's life.


3.  The boys came up with their own science experiment.  Tank decided to put his last few gummy snacks (Fruit Gushers to be exact) in a small glass of water.  The boys thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if they left them in the water overnight.  Dash thought it would be best to do a second glass just to be sure they come out the same.  Their hypothesis is that it will change the color of the water and hopefully the color of the snack as well.  (As of 5 minutes ago, the snacks were a strange shade of white-- weird...I never would've thought it would turn that color--I think the boys were hoping for rainbow though).


eyecorn said...

I was just thinkin' of you when you posted on my blog. I do hope your shot helped!! Gummies turn white? Gee, I congratulate your boys for sacrificing gummies in the name of science. DD is a human vacum cleaner when it comes to her Care Bear gummies :)

Happy Valentines!


MyChildrenAndMe said...

Sorry to hear about the shot, but there are going to be great result's from it.

Fruit Gusher's.... the kids favorite's to. Have they tried the sugar string yet?

that's very neat to do.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Debbie and family

BrooksideAcademy said...

Those are the best ones, the ones they think of on their own. True scientific thinking at work ;-) I hope you're feeling better soon!

I've been reminding Dh that He will provide what we need, not what we desire. I love to see him this excited, but I'd hate it if he crashes because it dosn't go as planned...So, I'm trying to keep him focused on it being His Will if we're to keep looking, not *him* if it dosn't go as he'd like...Does that make sense?

Have a safe and wonderful trip! I'll be keeping you in my prayers too

~Hugs and Blessings~


chickadee said...

well, does it work to walk up and down stairs and change the baby? so far my jiggling belly is still there. i'm not even sure the lunges and squats will work. sit ups? maybe but i'm not that desperate yet. i'm also not cutting any food. baby #3 sucked the blonde out of my hair and left me with a soggy middle.

berrymorin said...

You take care of yourself.

JenIG said...

"me! me! I know that one, Miss Marshie!"

yep, i've sucked the color out of gummy bears lotsa times.

Youngwife said...

You have very ingenuitive boys!! Can't wait to read how it turns out!!