Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Canadagirl's Nature Photo Contest

Yesterday I spent half an hour composing a clever and fun entry to Canadagirl's Family Nature Photo Contest...but then my computer locked up and I lost ALL of it.  I even had some extra pics and hyperlinks and everything!  *sigh*


But alas, 'twas not meant to be.


So here is my entry to Canadagirl's Contest:



This is a pic of David and I in Beijing, China this past February.  Ironically, behind us you will see the lake at the Summer Palace-- completely frozen over.  Yup, we're smart travellers-- next thing you know, we'll decide to go snow skiing in August!  (seriously kidding...sorta)


Since I hate to leave y'all with boring winter pics (there's not even beautiful snow...just a frozen over lake), here are a few bonus pics from our fateful but fabulously fun trip to Tennessee last year.





wardssward said...

Beautiful pictures! Sorry you lost your first post. That's happened to me a few times, too, and it's very frustrating! Hope you win the contest... especially after all of the effort you put into it. :-)


chickadee said...

love the photos.

i guess the tennessee thing was before my time here. i read your post about it. did you decide to go just to meet other bloggers? i hope i get to meet some of you famous bloggers some day.

Canadagirl said...

I am sooo glad you didn't forget me and it was worth the wait !!! Thank you for making my day and entering my contest. It has been alot of fun seeing everyone!

In Him,


Leigh2 said...

What great pictures! I love seeing pictures of fall and winter scenes right reminds me that I will not feel as if I am baking in this heat forever! :o)

homeskoolmom said...

Those great TN pictures make me want to go home. There's no place like E. TN in the spring or in the fall. We didn't go this year like usual since we went in Jan. when my Dad had surgery. Your pics will have to hold me over til next year.

Have a blessed day,


eyecorn said...

What beautiful family photos! I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Tank living next door when he grew up and playing tag in 2 yards! Stop by anytime and leave long's like we're having coffee and a chat session :)

KarenW said...

Great pictures!

DebiG said...

What wonderful pictures!!! thanks for sharing them with us!