Saturday, July 22, 2006

Moonwalks and I need your ideas!

Tank just turned 5 and Dash will be 7 in a few weeks.  We are having a combined birthday party next week for both of the boys and Dh and I were discussing the possible rental of a moonwalk. Tank comes running into the room...


Tank: Mommy! Are we going to walk on the moon?  Are we?  On the mooooon?!


Me:  Nope.


Tank:  Okay...are we going for a walk at night?


Me:  Uh uh.


Tank:  Dash, do you know what a moonwalk is?  What's a moonwalk?  Can you tell me what a moonwalk is?


Dash: It's kind of walking on the moon in space.


Tank:  But no...


Me:  It's one of those bouncy things that you can jump know, inflatable-- filled with air...


Dash:  So it's when you're a firefighter and you're on a very tall building and you need to get down and you jump off the building onto a trampoline?


Oi veh.  They really have been on one many times!  But somehow I am not speaking their language right now...


Speaking of the party...  Any ideas on some fun party games?  We will have tons of kids from ages 2-15 along with their parents.  I forgot who mentioned it on their blog, but I am planning on hiding a cherry in a plate of whipped cream and having them find it without using their hands.  Any other outside contests/games/ideas for us???





heartmatters said...

That's gonna be one HUGE plate of whip cream with all those kids there! LOL

Outside games...ummmmmm I'm thinking water balloons and relay races. How about...scooter racing with a water balloon between your knees? Or running relay races witha water balloon between your knees or under your chin? And if it breaks you have to start over? Best I can do! Let the littler ones just hold the balloon over their head while they run, older ones make it harder?

Happy Birthday guys!



chickadee said...

i'm having a vision of lots of kids with noses full of whipped cream and i'm telling you it's not a pretty sight.

eyecorn said...

I'd like to see blog photos of the parents participating in this whipped cream game, too. I used this web site when I was planning some games for a Fall festival last year.

You sure do know how to throw a party!

mrssulli said...

I don't have any brilliant ideas, but it does sound like fun! Don't you love it when you kids take things literally?

homeskoolmom said...

Oh Marsha--

You are a brave woman. We thought we were adventerous when Shane buried a treasure box in the back field (filled with cheapy little toys from the $1 shop) and sent them on a mystery treasure hunt to find it. Before then it has always been hotdogs, chips, watermelon, and cake and homemade ice cream in the back yard, jumping on the trampoline and maybe playing ball.

God bless,


LadyPoet33 said...

I just read your blog on party games and boys. Sounds so cute! They really can get carried away can't they? I have 4 boys, and following their conversations is impossible, because they go at the speed of light. LOL

If you live in a warm area, there are some really fun games to play. Last month I threw a party for little ones, and we filled buckets up with water balloons. They had to form relay teams, and relay up to the bucket for their team, grab a balloon, sit on it til it popped, and then run back and tag the next person in line. We had little boxes of candy for the winners.

The other game we played was limbo. I liked it as a kid, and we had such fun. Even the grown ups enjoyed this one. ;)

Have fun "Walking On The Moon"!


mamaclsn said...

Musical chairs is always a favorite...if no one gets punched in the nose.

Speaking of kids taking things literally...Sophia asked for a kitten (no) and I was telling my mom about it, saying I'd sooner get her a giraffe. She's been telling her brother I said she could have a giraffe, and asking for an elephant to go with it. Maybe that'll be the next "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" book..."If you give a girl a giraffe"...

mamaduso said...

Ihad no idea those where called moonwalks. I just thought they were boouncing things. I can't think of any games right now but go to and look up party games. They have tons of great ideas. We have two birthdays coming up too. Princess on the 9th and Peanut on the 14th. I can't believe I am going to have a 9 yr old.


Momma2theMax said...

i would be the crazy one....never ever try to move with four kids under the age of 10.....or for that matter never move..... i miss ya'll too hopefully i'll get on here a little more often...without stealing too much time from all the other stuff i'm supposed to be doing :)

Momma2theMax said...

i forgot you gott play this insane game that they used to make us play in youth group...i have no idea what it's called....anyways you have 2 teams 2 baseball bats and 2 cones. set up the cones about 15- 20 feet away from the baseball bats. noww here's the important part...DO NOT play this directly before or after eating ANYTHING. okay so each person on each team has to place their forehead on the "gripping end" of the bat with the "hitting end" on the ground. so that the bat is standing up. run around it with said head down, 5 times or so.....then stand up, drop the bat, run to the cone, run around the cone, run back and tag the hand of the next person in's SICK FUNNY...especially if you get Adults about some really funny looking straight line...also do not do this game on concrete or asphalt or anything too hard....or with anything too hard within about 10 could get could try using a tee ball bat if your victims...i mean contestants...are too short for the regulation bat. and have the video camera rolling

proudmommaof3 said...

They are coming up at our house to. The boys are two weeks apart. We get our fill of cake in August. :)

I don't know any cool birthday games. I know this couple who based their sons birthday party on that reality show where they have to eat pig heart and all that stuff: Fear Factor. They created an obstacle course were they had to accomplish some grotesk challenge. They had fish that represented a boa constrictor, I wish I remember what all she did. I know she made a mud cake with worms in it. I don't watch the show but if you have seen it you might be able to come up with some clever plan. She actualy had t-shirts made for all the kids that said I survived so-and-so's "reality" birthday. And the winner got the t-shirt that said he ws the winner. I know that they won a prize for best birthday party idea in Spokane Washinton. You may be able to go the the paper there and look it up over the web. I will ask my husband if he remembers anything else they did.

chickadee said...

i'm a terrible birthday party planner. i always take the easy way out.

but your kids are so cute. i love their enthusiasm.

Betsyfriend said...

Confession: I played all of the video clips on your sidebar. That was just too cool. I love how you're always doing the script dialogue of your conversations with your boys, or what you overhear them saying to each other, and I've always wondered what their little voices sounded like. So glad to finally get that opportunity, even though we've never "met" and live soooooooo far away from one another.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad to be back as well, and got all warm and fuzzy feeling when you said you've missed me. I felt the same. Even though it has been so long, my husband still remembered who "drewsfamilytx" was. That should tell you something! ;-)

Thanks also for giving me the heads-up on the photos not showing up. I don't know what went wrong, but I was finally able to fix the problem (obviously). Glad you checked back in to peek at them, and thanks for the compliment! I often don't feel beautiful, so that really made my day. Reading your recent blog entries, I felt as though I could definitely win that "worst picture contest." But I'd be afraid to enter for that very reason! And by the way, missy, your "worst" picture is such a joke. Let's just say, you're definitely NOT gonna win. Sorry. ;-)


P.S. Can't wait to find out how the b-day party goes! I, too, have horrible visions of kids + whipped cream. I agree with the gal who called you a brave woman! :-)