Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jillian scares me.

I have mentioned before my plans to exercise. Today, hard to zip clothing and the upcoming Blissdom Conference have spurned me into action!

I unwrapped the DVD, dusted off the old 3lb hand weights, and pushed play.

Let's pause and reflect on that profound statement for just a moment.

Still pausing...

Okay then.

I am glad that Jillian couldn't see me for real. I was pathetic, y'all! I just couldn't hang with her 20 minute workout, often finding myself sitting down for just a second, trying to give my arms and legs a little break from that "good" burning feeling.

You know it's a rough workout when you are looking forward to the ab part because that means you can lie down for a while!

[Hi, Jillian. Sorry I couldn't join you during this portion of the workout. I just couldn't get up and get going like Anita and Natalie. I realize I could never be your BFF. And I'm okay with that.]


Austin and Noah dared to walk in at one point to say "Jumping Jacks? That doesn't look very hard!"

My witty reply? "Yeah, you try doing jumping jacks 15 minutes into this workout!"

Woot! What a zinger. Apparently exercise drains the power from my brain and reroutes it to my muscles.

And that is why I have a hard time exercising. *bada ching*


My post-workout lunch consisted of chicken fried steak, cream gravy and potatoes. I hope it didn't cancel out any benefits I gained from exercising.

Yikes, Jillian would NOT be happy! But really, what is she going to do? Kick my butt more than she already did today? My arms and legs are like Jello.

I know Emily has done the 30 day Shred before... Has anyone else? Did you see positive results?

Just in case I decide to throw the towel in, can any of you recommend another workout DVD that won't bore me? I can be such a quitter sometimes. But don't worry, Jillian. I'll be joining you again tomorrow.

I think.


*Jess* said...

this is my first experience doing a dvd of some sorts and I picked "Breakthrough Pilates Sculpt", but it is a 60 minute video so its hard to get through. I only do about 40 minutes of it because I'm easing myself in :)

I think i want to try Jillian's 30 day shred because its only 30 minutes.

Ruthanne said...

My experience with the shred sounds very similar to yours - except amplified 10xs {since I'm much larger than you ;D}. I thought I was going to die!

I'm not even trying to lose anything for Blissdom. It's just a lost cause for me at this point. lol

Melissa said...

I love the 30 day Shred, I saw really great results. I lost about 3 inches in my stomach area and 3 lbs when I used it every day for a month. My shoulders looked awesome. To mix things up, I would sometimes do Level II and III. Great core exercises, helped me with my running form. I kept it up for a 6 months last year along with her other DVD's and really did see results. It's better than spending money at the gym and I can be with my boys.

Good luck! it really does get easier :) (I actually think some of the Level II moves are harder than the Level III.)

Christine said...

I seriously had a good laugh when I read what your pre-workout meal was. Pwahahaha! You're a goober! Anyway, good for you for at least unwrapping it and starting. Good luck and I hope you find the motivation to do it again today. :D I love you!!!

Beth said...

Adam and I are doing P90X right now. While it's totally kicking my butt it's actually easy to keep it going. (Wait, did I say easy? How about doable?) It's not boring at all, either. THe only down side is most workouts take an hour to do (not that I'm able to do an entire hour yet, but I will!) Hang in there!

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

I have it and got about three days into it. Just enough to make it really painful to walk upstairs;) I have good intentions (mentally) to start it each week. I really should!
My kids always look at me strange when I do anything that goes with a video, they stop, stare, sit on the couch. I feel I should just pop them some popcorn.
I did buy a jump rope a couple of days ago and have done that a little. I don't remember that being so hard when I was a kid ;)

Anonymous said...

Ok Marsha, love your post workout lunch! Lol! I've heard that Jillian chick is i-n-s-a-n-e. I don't think I'd be able to keep up either, does that make you feel better? I've actually been doing the Wii-Fit and am loving it! Maybe give that a try. My sister claims that Wii-Active is even better but I can only do one thing at a time! Good luck with the exercising though. Why is it so hard to stick with a routine? Sigh.

Molly (:

ETA: Your new little niece is adorable and it's just so wrong that your sister looks that fabulous after giving birth!

Sandra said...

Hi Marsha,

My husband and I are actually using this same Shred video right now, and you are right that it IS hard! No Breaks! She really pushes you. So far since I've been exercising and eating less, I've lost about 3.5 pounds since Christmas...not too bad. I need to Shred much more though! :o) Love your blog, I'm a long time reader!

Ali said...

I have this DVD waiting for me at the library! I am anxious to give it a try. Except..I don't have hand weights.

Hope this does the trick for us all! The muffin top HAS to go.


Sneaker Teacher said...

Do you watch The Biggest Loser? If her video scares you, you should see how she interacts with contestants as she screams in their faces trying to get them to break down and admit why they have gotten to the point of obesity in a moment of utter physical exhaustion and frustration...Good time...

Melissa Stover said...

i think i did 5 days of the shred and when my knees gave out when i was trying to get down to the potty to pee, i quit it. i decided i like my knees better than i hate my muffin top.

Anonymous said...

I am on a diet right now. I would like to lose 30lbs. before summer, but I hate working out.....and....I just ate a cookie....sob.....I don't want to talk about it...sob....:) :)

Anonymous said...

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