Saturday, December 31, 2005

My thoughts and the New Year

Nope, not thoughts about the New Year just some thoughts and the fact that 2006 is just about here.   You may skip to the end if you're disappointed.


  • I am truly a coffee addict.  My dearest bestest friend Suzanne was kind enough to bring me 50 coffee filters the other day.  Hopefully it will be enough to last me through the week...

  • Honduran Coffee is yummy.

  • Dh came home the other day and the first words out of his mouth were Oh my gosh!  WHAT happened here?!  Remember the decluttering of toys and such?  Well, I'd start working on something and then get distracted by another pile of mail or laundry or old sippy cup slipped under the couch.  Then the next thing ya know, it is a complete disaster zone!  I was driving myself crazy with the gigantic, enormous mounds of mess in my house!  Our house has never ever been this messy-- as in never ever!

    I guess that's what happens when one is delusional enough to think that the kiddos will gladly cooperate by feeding and taking care of themselves while mommy tosses old toys in a big trashbag...and then sneaks them out to the trash bin.

    I am now happy to report that my house is halfway done.  I still have the schoolroom to organize (so much for starting lessons soon!).  But the good news is that the kitchen and two of the bedrooms are decluttered and relatively clean (as in needs to be undusted).

  • Dh is so sweet to me.  We spent part of the day playing golf yesterday and then all gross and sweaty went to Sam's Club where dh bought me a nifty table for the laundry room.  So now I have a clean space for folding laundry straight from the dryer!  I am SO married with children to get this excited about something so very practical.

  • A couple of years ago, a dear friend told me to treasure every moment with my kids since they are with me only a short time.  I thought she was crazy back then!  The days seemed to go on f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  But she's right...each year goes by faster and faster.  And just when you think they'll never go potty by themselves (and neither can you!), they do things like:

    •  read books by themselves and have their own library cards

    • wash their own hair (what little there is anyway)

    • take care of the baby first thing in the morning before I even get there

    • get the mail on their own

    • set up the DVD player

    • get stuff from the deep freeze way down in the garage...without needing me to open the door for them

    • vacuum the floors and sweep the deck

    • I guess I could go on and on on this I'll stop now.  I love my little men!  They are growing so fast and I'm sad that for two of them, there are no more dimpled knuckles and elbows...only long, skinny big-boy faces. *sigh*

  • My older sis Coco is having a GIRL!  My first niece!  And the very firstest granddaughter who will be quite spoiled and bedecked in beautiful girly clothes from her aunt's who love to shop a little too much.  I cannot wait for little Emily Reagan to be born in May! 

    My boys, on the other hand, were a little disappointed since they thought for sure this would be a boy.  They were happy for Coco but still kept saying We don't talk to girls!  Only boys!  I have no idea when they came up with that crazy idea.  I reminded them of their friend Mia... Well, she's different! 

    I have no idea why she (Mia) still wants to marry Dash.  But they have been best friends since they were little babies so I guess ya never know.

Well, we're off to the park to take advantage of this crazy 80 degree weather!  Strange how it's been autumn for only a few weeks and there are still leaves left to fall off the trees...and it's almost January!


Have a safe and happy new year, my friends!

See you in 2006!





Amber said...

Thanks for your sweet comment!

Your house sounds like what my house is ALWAYS like....messy.

I know what you mean about the table thing, I get happy about those kind of things too.

Congrats on your niece to be!!!!!!!!!!!

We've got the same weather here too:( I miss cold weather!

I just finished reading Secrets of Successful Homeschooling for the second time, but this time I realized who the authors were, thanks! :D I wrote about it today, I'm having a contest too, but obviously you already have the book.

And last, but not least, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

God Bless,


DandelionSeeds said...

Blessings to you and yours for the coming year.

In Him,


(P.S. email me your home address and I'll send you a little "something" coffee related!)

Momma2theMax said...

so i officially hate all of you people who can even remotely think of 80 degree weather happening outside your doors at the end of december...don't even tell me that you think 60 degrees is cold....becasue seriously is was like 5 degrees here last week...and that seemed a little warm...and don't even think that i am wearing a coat today cause its like 40 out...i think i shall break out the shorts and flip-flops...after 5 degrees 40 feels balmy :)

Momma2theMax said...

anyways...i'd love to come ....but do you really want more heathens to "help" you find your floor? no really, i lvoe the fact that i got something like 4 Starbucks cards for christmas....hmmm do they all have me pegged or what? and i know what you mean about feeling happy about practical things i got gift cards for Bed Bath and beyond for christmas and i cannot wait to go buy new towels....anyways i am so glad to hear that everything is good by you and happy new year and all that...i gotts go stir the spaghetti... :)

eyecorn said...

Oh, I am not going to tell my DH that I met a hsb blogger who plays golf with her DH! My DH has been trying to get me to golf for years. Well, maybe I really should try, but he gets me thinkin' so much about positioning hands, feet, wrists, elbows, shoulders, earlobes, fingers...that I get all convulted up and usually do one of those "oh, that was a uhh...really...uh.....a...practice swing" kinda deal where the ball never moves off the tee! Congratulations on your new folding table!

A blessed new year,


TamInAz said...

Wishing you and your family a year filled with joy and blessings!



mominpa said...

I just love reading your entries...they remind me of our home...especially the cleaning, getting side tracked...having a total mess... dh now understands it has to get worse before it gets better!! My big downfall is taking things from all the other rooms to our room until I find a home or a trash can big enough!! One room holds a lot of STUFF until I am done cleaning!! And once I get most of the house clean to go into the "HOLDING ROOM" is just plain scary!!

Oh and the we don't play with boys are into "we don't watch girl stuff" (any girl on the screen is "girl stuff") and we certainly don't listen to "girl stuff" any girls (women) singing on the radio!! Where do they come up with this stuff??? LOL!! What we'll do if #3 is girl is beyond me...may do all 3 males (ds and dh) well to have another female counterpart....hmmm.. but we have so many boy things...oh well...God is in control and will provide what we need!!

BrooksideAcademy said...

What is it about this time of year that inspires us to do the greatest tasks of all anyway? Last year, I was stripping wall paper, and painting - I was touching up the celing when the ball dropped and my Mom called to wish us a happy one...Dh was working. This year, not too bad - I think only because I didn't have the van in time to pick up supplies for revamping anything. Had to settle for some rearranging of the furniture instead, lol.

Have a Blessed New Year!!


Hapopy New Year to you and your family Marsha.

TNMOM ~ Maria