Thursday, May 4, 2006

Contests, prizes and I actually WON one!!! :-)

There are just so many contests going on right now. 


Much thanks to berrymorin for allowing me to win April's drawing for a very yummy-sounding Mango Banana Lip Balm from County Bunny Bath and Body!  I'll try to use it on my lips instead of eating it!  If y'all haven't had a chance to check out her site-- Marcus and Me-- you really should.  It is pretty much updated every single day with different contests, activities and other fun and interesting tidbits for you and your family.  And be sure to leave a comment since there is a new winner drawn every month!


In other friendly news, it is time for Round 3 of "How Well Do You Know Your Homeschoolblogger" hosted by Amber.  I'm very sad to say that I did not do very well on this quiz.  I must have missed a post or two from my friend's list.  Oh well, it was still LOTS of fun!  And you have to check out the very silly pic of Amber too.


The mucho-moocher JenIg is also having a contest where you can win the book From Basic to Baghdad by none other than the son of fabulous Maggie Hogan.  Just visit Jen's blog and leave a comment about the friends you’ve made at HSB… ones you find yourself thinking about, or praying for, throughout the week.  Easy-peasy, huh?


Okay, time for me to go now.  It's been a good day and I don't want to ruin it by spending waaaay too much time on the computer (like I usually do!).  The kids are happy, the sun is shining (sorta) and my hubby is home.  Life is good!


Have a great night, y'all!





PS For those who have asked about my sister Coco, she has still NOT had her baby.  She is at a 3 though so it shouldn't be long....maybe tomorrow, say when her hubby gets off of work?  That sounds like a plan to me!  Might as well save as much vacation time as you can and utilize the weekend.  Besides, this weekend would be good for me too. :-)  Thank you for your continued prayers!




tn3jcarter said...

Hey if everybody will just start having contests, surely it will increase my chances of winning. I haven't won one yet!

angelstar said...

Peacocks sound fun to wake up to, too!! LOL I love those Pronghorn that were on my property today. It was really neat! I also have A LOT of bird feeders and bird baths around, so always wake up to the cheerful singing of birds and the cooing of the mourning doves (my absolute favorite bird!). Thanks for all the contest updates - I need to get more involved in these!! Hope your sis has her baby tomorrow night after hubby gets home - that sounds like a super plan to me, too! Take care and God Bless!!

eyecorn said...

I know! I wish I was coming to The Woodlands...have been there the last 2 years. We coulda had a great time. What a FUN place to visit, too. Plus, I'll miss seeing the BIG Sam Houston statue...LOL...Can't wait to hear news of the new arrival !

Dad said...

I'm sure CoCo told you that long ago (a week or ten days ago) I told her that Emily would be born on Sunday, May 7th. No mystery, no surprise - the 7th!