Saturday, May 27, 2006

Dash is actually doing Mind Benders all by himself!

The other day, I showed Dash how to do a logic puzzle from Bright Minds.  It is called Mind Benders Beginning Book 1 and teaches deductive thinking skills.  Now, I LOVED logic puzzles when I was in 4th grade, but I don't remember doing them at as young of an age as Dash (who is almost 7).


I couldn't believe it when he opened up the book today and did 3 puzzles all ON HIS OWN!  This is the same kid who needs "encouragement and prodding" just to do a simple math sheet or one line of writing!  He is a bright boy, but does not like to face any kind of challenge alone.  If an answer to any problem does not come to him immediately (be it grammar, math or even drawing a picture), he starts crying and pouting and I have to coach him throught it. about aggravating!


Man, it IS a good day today in our house!  Even if the baby is in his bed pitching a fit right now...he's tired and has a terrible temper and the boy just needs a nap.  But who cares?!  Dash did it ALL BY HIMSELF and said it was FUN!  And he got all the puzzles right too!


If you haven't had a chance yet, definitely check out Bright Minds where you can find lots of great products that help to build critical thinking skills.  And their nifty site lets you shop by grade level, which makes it even easier!  Great for Pre-K through Adult.


By the way, this was not a requested review from the publisher...I got this book on my own and just really love it!


berrymorin said...

Congratulations Drew. We knew that you could do it!

opheliag said...

Thanks for the tip. My son is the same way as am I. Way to go Drew!!!!! I'm glad things are going well for you and your family.

JenIG said...

That Dash is absolutely brilliant. I like that boy. And thanks for leaving me such nice comments while i'm out blogging on the road. It makes things feel like home.

: ) love you, Marshie!

Canadagirl said...

That is so neat what your boys are doing. I have four boys and looking at your profile I use similar books example Math U See and Italic handwritting . Come visit sometime :)


DebiG said...

thanks for the site!! I think I will be getting some books!

Canadagirl said...

loved watching your boys video clips. I hope to get to know you more over time. Boy world who would have dreamed. :)

In Him,


mom26kidz said...

Way to go Dash!! I just stopped by your blog to see what you were up to. You have been such a faithful blogging friend! I love your boys' pics! Stop by and see mine. The twins just had a birthday!


cricket313 said...

I do not enjoy those type of puzzles, but we have a Mind Benders book (which I think I got last year (free) when paid for my This Old Schoolhouse subscription).

I do enjoy their books and have it on my list to buy more.