Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Homeschooling Methods: Seasoned Advice on Learning Styles

Like the cover says, it really is like a homeschool convention in a book!  I only wish I had this book when I first started homeschooling!  Oh well, better late than never...


This is my 3rd year homeschooling and I thought I knew all about the different learning styles and methods available.  But who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?


It was quite interesting to learn that I am in fact... a Traditional Homeschooler.  Who knew?!  I have always loved the Charlotte Mason Method and the idea of Eclectic Homeschooling... but looking at what I am currently doing, I am definitely in the Traditional category.




It's funny how God reveals things in His own time.  I've been debating, wondering, praying, wondering, thinking, and wondering about our curriculum choices for next year...  And then I read this book and realize that the current curriculum we are using does not match up to my ideal of homeschooling.  While it appeals to the busy, organized, check-off-the-box side of me, the fun and excited wonderment is definitely missing.  And this little book helped me to put in words what I've felt all along.


So whether you are thinking about homeschooling, just starting out, or still tweaking the process (like me!), this book is definitely for you!  It is truly a handy-dandy resource that is laid out in easy-to-read chapters.  It discusses the what, why and how of several different approaches/methods/philosophies of homeschooling.  These include Classical Education, the Principle Approach, Traditional Textbook, Charlotte Mason, Unit Study, Special Needs, Carschooling, Eclectic, Unschooling/Delight Directed and Whole-Heart Learning.


A BIG thank you to Paul and Gena Suarez (and the many talented contributing writers) for putting out such a great resource! Two big thumbs up from me!



TheChinaPainter said...

for praying for our friend and for your kind compliments. I am happy you stopped by my blog. And what a fine looking young couple and lovely children!

"I stand amazed" at God's perfect timing!!!. Frequently, He has to draw my attention to that fact and I never cease to be amazed.

Do you ever post pictures of your acrylics? What kind of painting do you do? Impressionistic, abstract, realistic?

I have just started learning to do watercolors, I have never tried acrylics. I did do some oils when I was taking art in college many years ago. Well, 1979-81. I enjoyed oils but liked pen work better.

Jn1512 said...

Me too! I've realized that I've been sleepwalking through

our homeschooling...time for God to breathe new life into our


JavaMama said...

MUDpuddles............bring on the FUN and the mess if it must be!! I have some pictures of my Superman playing in mudpuddles.