Tuesday, May 2, 2006

I just love contests!

And here's a very cool and very easy one!


Spunky is giving away a Benz Microscope and Apologia Biology Set this week. Click Here to get the details.


Tiany said...

I think this should be declared the week of the contests! LOL I think I have seen about 6 so far this week alone. Mine included! LOL Come check it out :-)

I didnt know about Spunkys thanks for the heads up!

hippiechyck said...

i read that quick and thought it was a MERCEDES Benz...that would be really super of Spunky!

KerriHopkins said...

Just wanted to say hi!! You're little spaz sounds a lot like mine - who's 9 & loves to run around in his boxers!!!

Boys! Boys! Boys! Gotta Love 'Em!!!

Much Love,



Hey Marshie, don't you live in the desert? I thought TX was cowboy haven (desert)...LOL

opheliag said...

Thanks for the info on the contest. How is your sister doing? Has she delivered her baby yet? Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I really appreciate the support.