Saturday, May 13, 2006

Review of Every Man a Hero, Every Woman a Coach

Every Man a Hero, Every Woman a Coach by Joel N. Orr


I like the title. I really do. It sums up a good relationship, doesn't it? It's also nice to be reminded that MY DEAR HUSBAND IS MY HERO! I hate to say that I have to be reminded in the first place, but with three young little men at home I get caught up in the very busy daily "stuff" and sometimes forget the truth about my main man. :-)


On the back cover of his book, Dr. Orr asks the question: What does it take to make every man a hero? The answer: A coach who sees his potential and wants him to win!


I have read some inspiring, encouraging, or just plain kick-you-in-the-rear books on being a good wifey (depending on the season, I was in need of all of these types of books!). Joel Orr's book is a little of each.


First of all, I really liked his very analytical points. He ends each chapter with Key Points to think about, talk about and take action. This is one of the most systematic books on marriage that I have read and includes a very detailed Table of Contents.


Second, it's not as touchy-feely as some other marriage books, but much more explanatory. Definitely appeals to the brainy, fact-loving side of me! This book would be a good gift for your non-mushy know the type...


Dr. Orr also does not really mention God in his book until Chapter 46. I don't believe anything he said went against the Bible-- he just chose to approach the subject of marriage with a hero/coach model instead of using biblical references. His ideas and writing does actually support what the Bible says (so we can read on!). This also makes it a helpful resource not just for Christian's, but for those who are looking to improve their marriage but would probably not read a "Christian" book... Again, you know the type...


Every Man a Hero, Every Woman a Coach is written to both men and women. He encourages the woman to use her special skills to build up her husband. He encourages the man to take advantage of his wife's insights and to cherish her. Both are greatly rewarded for their efforts with a satisfying and joyful marriage!


And it is an effort at times, isn't it? Dr. Orr does not say that it's easy or comes natural to us. Great marriages take commitment. And for those that don't feel like they have one right now, YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM! Every day is filled with choices...You can DO something about it! Ahhh...I just love books that encourage action instead of the poor-poor-pitiful-me outlook.


Joel Orr knows what he's talking about when it comes to a joyfull and fulfilling marriage. You can just tell by his words how he feels about his wife and how highly he thinks of her! He was married to his dear wife N'omi for over 30 years.


Sadly, N'omi Orr died a few short weeks ago.  Dr. Orr sent a message saying that "My precious N'omi, the light of my life, accepted a personal invitation from the Lord of Glory to join him in heaven."  My deepest condolences to Dr. Orr and his family! It is comforting, however, to know that she is at the feet of Jesus and that she and her husband will see each other again one day. May we all have lasting and loving marriages like their's-- together in this world and also for eternity. That truly is the greatest gift and legacy you can leave your spouse and your children! Comfort and assurance of eternity.


Bottom line:  Two thumbs up for Every Man a Hero, Every Woman a Coach


Leigh2 said...

I will have to get that book! I've been desperate for something to read lately. :o)

Amber said...

I never heard of it, but I like the title.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

God Bless,


eyecorn said...

This sounds like a read I'd enjoy. Ok, ok, I'm not as touchy feely as some...I admit it. Hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day!

eyecorn said...

This sounds like a read I'd enjoy. Ok, ok, I'm not as touchy feely as some...I admit it. Hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day!