Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Time to Pick Your Own

Nope, not your kids or your nose!  Time to pick your own fruit!  I know the Ig's have already gone...Coie's posted some great pics of their strawberry endeavors.  Here in Texas, strawberry season has only a couple of weeks left and we still have two more to go until the blueberries are ready.


Click here to find out what's available in your state!  Don't forget to CALL AHEAD to see what's available... Also, be sure to pack sunscreen and insect repellent.  You may even be able to bring a picnic and make a fun day of it!  I usually go blueberry picking twice-- once by myself (for the sheer solitude and quiet) and once with the kids (because they just love it!).  Have fun!!!


OurLittleSchoolRoom said...

Strawberry season hasn't even begun here yet! You'd better come north to pick some more.

The Orioles are here, and the Juncos are gone. We can start planting!



HSBCompanyBlog said...

You are so funny, Marshie. Thanks for the comment. By the way, have I ever told you that it should be illegal to be as pretty as you? *snort*

Rebeca said...

I love picking berries too- and the U-pick places are so fun. It's still early here in Oregon, but SOON!!

Bless you,


angelstar said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing this! What a fun time to go out and do this with the family. Love that idea of alone time . . . I did that over the past couple of days. The boys did their Iowa testing at a place where they have a coffee shop, and I stayed there ALL BY MYSELF and wrote and sipped coffee - for 4 whole hours both days! Yippee!!! Yes, I plan on doing this for myself more often!!! Take care and God Bless!!

heartmatters said...

...to picking my own!

Glad you liked the CD's I mentioned. Neat-O, huh?


mcrgintx said...

I wanted to share this link to a live streaming video of an eagle's nest in Vancouver, BC.

There are 2 baby eagles in the nest and an adult that flies in to feed. I knew you and the kids would love to see it!


eyecorn said...

Great link!! Thanks!! We've enjoyed strawberries here, but am looking forward to blueberries....hmmmmm....if I was a good southern gal, I'd have that blueberrry cobbler recipe at the ready.

BTW, I nearly fell off my chair with the KWIM comment regarding the giraffe photo. You are WAY TOO FUNNY!!

creativehsmom said...

We have never gone blueberry picking before. In the fall we've gone apple picking though.