Saturday, May 6, 2006

What is your mothering type?

I was visiting Nancy's blog and she directed me to a quiz that she found through Janne.  I would say that it pegged me pretty well!


Your type is: ISTJ  —The “Responsibility” Mother


“I have a serious love affair with to-do lists. I could sit for hours reading, organizing, and rearranging my weekly calendar.”

  • The ISTJ mother has a highly developed sense of responsibility: for work, home, family ... particularly her children. Whether she’s overseeing daily baths or insisting on a 10 p.m. curfew, her efforts are largely focused on providing her children with order and routine. She wants them, regardless of age, to be able to count on her and the structure she provides.

  • In carrying out her commitment to her responsibilities, the ISTJ mother is organized, industrious, and detail-oriented. Because her focus is the day-to-day realities of life, her children are likely to feel secure and well provided for.

  • The ISTJ mother also sets a good example and provides her children with practical guidance on being a productive, responsible individual. Still, with all her seriousness, she may delight family members with her quick wit and observations about the details of life.

If y'all take the quiz, let me know what it says about you and whether or not you think it's accurate.


Have a great Saturday!





mominpa said...

Your type is: estj —The “How-To” Mother

“We’re the mothers you like to carpool with. Not only are we on time, we organize the driving schedule for everyone.”

Organized and comfortable being in charge, the ESTJ mother knows “how to” get things done, make things happen, and accomplish much on behalf of her children. Whether she is encouraging them to get involved in organized activities or talking with them about their personal concerns, children of the ESTJ mother learn “how to” succeed in life.

Upbeat and matter-of-fact, the ESTJ mother is intent on her children having the best. She puts her skills and talents to work to this end, from planning trips that supplement their studies to raising funds for new playground equipment. She is happiest when her efforts produce concrete results — children who try out for teams, participate in academic competitions, or are leaders among their peers.

The ESTJ mother runs a tight household. She is apt to have predictable expectations, consistent routines, standard procedures, and well-defined boundaries, all of which help her children feel protected and secure.

mcrgintx said...

INTP - The “Love of Learning” Mother

(Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving)

Pretty interesting...thanks for that, it was cool!

ccmmum said...

I took the quiz. You'll have to come to my blog and see the results!

dawilli said...

Your type is: intj —The “Individual Integrity” Mother

“My kids are better off arguing their own point of view than telling me, ‘But everyone else is doing it.’”

* Individualistic and independent, the INTJ mother is both a role model and teacher of how to be an individual and live life with integrity. She is introspective, defining her own success from within, and generally confident in her decisions. She is unlikely to be persuaded by her children saying, “But all the other mothers are doing it.”

* The INTJ is competent in providing for her children’s basic needs, but she is likely more focused on developing their self-esteem and confidence. Observant and insightful, she puts great importance on independent thinking and self-sufficiency, yet she is comfortable providing protection and boundaries.

* Self-motivated and intense, the INTJ works hard and takes life seriously. As a mother, she lives for those moments when she can impart knowledge and offer her children perspectives on life and important issues.

I guess it's pretty close... a lot like me, though I can identify with so many of the other types,

it was kind of fun to do, I haven't taken any type of personality test in a long time,

thanks for sharing the link,


RedHeadRyann said...

(actually should be signed up for karate kousins)

OKAY!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO up for working in your yard! LOL! I really would work there if I could! I am totally in the mood to work!


amada said...

I was the "Responsibility Parent" too. The description sounds more positive than I'd describe myself though...


Cajamarca, Peru

Jn1512 said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Marsha!

Have a great weekend.


BTW...all the drywall work is DONE

Janne said...

I can definitely see those results applying to you. :)

The toner for a laser printer is quite pricey, BUT it lasts for a very long time. The cartridge that is in it when you buy it is only partially full of course, but once you refill it lasts for years. The black and white printer that we had -- I think the toner lasted three years (and I'm making copies for 5 to 7 people).

Bek said...

Your type is: estp —The “Action Adventure” Mother

“I can’t do anything the same way more than one or two times. Today can’t be like yesterday. Let’s do something different!”

Active and spontaneous, the ESTP mother can turn ordinary life into a fun-filled adventure. She makes dull routines exciting and chores a “let’s do it again” kind of game. Her best times are those spent with her children actively doing, particularly if it’s spur of the moment, innovative, and unconventional.

Full of energy and enthusiasm for living in the moment, the ESTP mother gives her children every opportunity to experience all that life has to offer — touching, seeing, moving, doing ... and meeting people. She’s interested in stimulating their senses so they can take life in and live it.

The ESTP mother is matter-of-fact—“what you see is what you get.” She mothers without hidden agendas and takes life and people as they are. Her children know where they stand. She is able to develop a close relationship with them based on honesty and a strong family orientation as well as sharing a wide variety of experiences.

CrackedPot said...

It does sound like whether we have boys or girls we are alike as well. Sometimes I am afraid to answer quizzes like that don't know if I will like the answer but I guess that is the way it goes sometimes. It is like that with God sometimes too, I want to see what He has to say but not always sure I will like it. Your right it has been an adventure moving across the country. I look forward to sharing more about what God has taught me from this too.

Leigh2 said...

Here are my results...I know at least that the people pleaser part is right!

Your type is: isfp —The “Giving” Mother

“A people pleaser from Day One, it took me 30 years to

figure out I could say ‘no.’”

Quiet and unassuming in her devotion, the ISFP mother is responsive to her children’s needs, offering behind-the-scenes love and support. She is gentle and non-intrusive, flexible and adaptable.

A “be there” mother, the ISFP takes pleasure in physically caring for her children and doing for them. Her best times might be “doing little things” with each child one-on-one.

More than anything, the ISFP mother wants her children to know they are loved. And she enjoys being needed in return.

Dedicated to raising children who are responsible and care for others, she favors a non-directive approach: instilling values by setting a good example. She may be a strong role model for community service.

newfrontiersacademy said...

This is kinda hard to say if I think it is accurate. If I take the test on the page, it isn't right for me. If I start rethinking my answers because of the fact I have taken a test like this and I know what I should choose, yea it is right. There are limited questions. I would not pick an I for example by the the chooses on this page. From the this test I would have picked ENTP. On the Myers Briggs test I am INFP.

HeartnSoul said...

I was also an INTP - The “Love of Learning” Mother. (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving) I also love to take these quizzes lol. My dh would say that this type is 7% of the world's population according to another more indepth test which we both took about 16 years ago before I was a "mom". I was the exact same INTP then too :)


Denise T