Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just call him Chicken.

Many of you know that Christian had quite the fondness for fwogs.

Did you know that he was also fond of visiting Great Grandma?

Not only did she always have ice cream and soft peppermints, but she had these guys...

When I was little, I was scared of chickens (pretty much all things pecky and feathery) mainly due to a mean goose that frequented the nearby marina.

But not my Christian!

He had zero fear of feeding great grandma's chickens or going into the henhouse to gather eggs. Even I had never gone into the *gasp* henhouse. The boys would often fight about who would get to gather the eggs on our visit-- and you could always be sure that Christian would not let himself be overlooked!

I find it a little funny that whenever Christian tried to say his name, it sounded more like "Chichen" or "Chicken". In fact, his church buddy Dustin couldn't say "Christian" either. He'd walk around asking "Where's Chicken? Is Chicken here?" (But you have to imagine it coming from the mouth of a 3.5 year old boy with cowboy boots on.)

Anyhow, I just had to share that memory.

Sometimes I am fearful that I will forget the little details and special moments like that. When I remember them out loud or relive them in my mind, it makes me sad but happy at the same time. I think it's important to be thankful for those precious memories that we did have, rather than focus on not having those moments anymore (not always the easiest thing to do).

Thank y'all for listening/reading/youknowwhatImean. Your encouraging comments and e-mail's on my last post were a real blessing.

I also want to thank you friends for all of the cards, notes, and special gifts that you have sent to me and my family this past year. I am a personal, handwritten thank-you note kind of a girl but have simply been too overwhelmed to individually acknowledge every thoughtful expression and blessing. I hope you will forgive my rudeness. But please know that I have taken special notice of your acts of kindness and do appreciate each of y'all from the depths of my heart!


SuperAngel said...

oh! I remember hearing about how much he loved the chickens! :) He sure would love coming to our farm... we got loads of chickens and roosters.
I'm with you tho... I don't like them!

He was such a sweetie! :D I'm so glad I "knew" him even tho we never met. Thank you for keeping his precious memory alive even tho its painful!

Disney for Boys said...

His pictures take my breath away! How blessed you were to experience and hold these sweet memories in your heart. :-)

Always keeping you and the fam in our prayers,

♥ Tiany

Christine said...

I love you Marshy!!!

Anonymous said...

Those memories are just precious!
I feel so honored to be reading your tributes to your beautiful son.
Please know that we will be praying extra hard for you this week.


Christine said...

Well, now I know "Chicken" would have been great friends with Isaac too. He LOVES our chickens! He is the one that gathers the eggs, and I'll even catch him holding one here and there, petting her gently and speaking sweet words. The one thing he looks forward to at the state fair, is the chicken house lol!

I am praying that God's peace with cover you and David greatly this week... I'm sure it will be so very you dear!

Anonymous said...

You have have been in my thoughts and prayers so much this week. I love hearing stories about your precious Christian. God Bless you and your family.
Stephanie Freeman
Naples, Italy

Tracy said...

How sweet....keep the stories coming. Ask your boys to tell us one! :)

Chloe said...

I want to thank you for being strong enough to believe God through all this. God has used you to speak to me more than once. There is a 3.5 year old girl that is treasured beyond what I could have done on my own, because of your story. Whenever the stress of the day starts to get to me, and I get frustrated with her, I see you, I hear you, and I hug my sweet baby.
GOD BLESS YOU!!! You are in our prayers.

EEEEMommy said...

I love you, friend!

Grace and Peace,

Jacque said...

I'm telling you, I wish we had been able to stop last June in 2008. Caleb and Christian would have been best buds.
Caleb loves wrangling the chickens, gathering the eggs... he is finally getting ok with the roosters, but after being attacked a few times, who can blame him?!
He now walks around the barnyard with a stick taller than he is to let them know how big he is. He wants to be down there and just knows he can beat them up if he has to!
He doesn't have any problems cornering the chickens and throwing them back in their pen, though, over the fence...

Thanks for sharing your memories of your Littlest Man, Marsha. I love to read about him, and my Little Guy just makes him all the more IRL to me.

Love and hugs sister~

Unknown said...

I love your memories of your son. So special. What a beautiful picture of Christian and his Great Grandma. I can't stop crying. I will pray for you tonight. God bless.