Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Country Club

On the way to church, there is one building that constantly gets some sort of remark from my boys-- the "Country Club."

Lest ye think, ahem, that it is a high falootin' sort of place, it is the Country Club Bar. As in a seedy cinder block building set right next to the railroad tracks (because drunks and train tracks are always a stellar combination, y'all).

When my boys were younger, they'd ask about it and what people might do there.

They asked questions like "So what kind of drinks, mommy?" And I'd tell them that people would probably be drinking beer and liquor in there. When explaining liquor, I told them it was stinky, tasted bad and I'm sure burned their throats.

That's when they started whispering to each other "*gasp!* Look! That's where those people drink hot drinks instead of go to church!"

If that wasn't funny enough, conversation took a more interesting turn when we added three little girls to the mix last Wednesday night.

Upon passing the Country Club, this was overheard:

"You can't get drunk from drinking root beer because it's just soda."

"What do you think they do in there?
-I bet they play pool and drink beer.
-And smoke cigarettes!"

"And there are women in there too! And they show their bellybuttons!"

This is the point where Austin, who will be 10yo on Monday, loudly sucked in his breath.

One of the girls turned to him and said "It's not funny, Austin!"

He replied, "I don't think it's funny! I think it's DISGUSTING!"

And all five children concurred that it was indeed sinful and disgusting to be showing your bellybutton.

We tackle deep, spiritual subjects in our devotional time, can't you tell?


Christine said...

Ha ha ha. I remember them being told they serve "hot" drinks there. It's great that Austin thinks showing your belly button is disgusting.

Jacque said...

Cute Marsha. You just never know what they'll say, how they remember things or IF they do! lol!

You gotta tackle those deep spiritual things however they will receive them to be drawn into the holiness of Yehovah-God. Your momma-heart knows... and you def. know how to relate to them!

Love and (((HUGS)))

Melissa Stover said...

i love that! my kids think being a democrat is scandalous.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Oh man, Melissa. You should've heard the conversations around here after the Presidential election. Oi!

I finally had to tell them that he is our president and you cannot "make your own bumper stickers" that say bad things about him-- which were just scraps of paper they'd write on and hold up to the window of the van for other drivers to see.

And then there was this one time that one of their friends told them his family voted for Obama. My boys were shocked and horrified so much so that they wouldn't even tell me about it-- they could only whisper it to me! LOL

maria said...

LOL! So funny!

Thanks for dropping by. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny.
After reading the other comments about democrats, I am reminded of my 8th grade Civics Class. I went to a tiny Chritian school, and we had to do an essay about how we would vote in the election if we were old enough, Republican or Democrat.
I had been lazy and didn't read the assigned chapter about the political parties, so I asked my friend what she thought.
She told me that her Mom thought that ALL democrats were evil, vile, ungodly people that thought abortion was ok, and that no Christian could possibly be a democrat. So, that's what I put in my essay.
When my teacher passed back my graded paper, she commented that SHE was a democrat and didn't consider herself evil or vile. I was so embarrassed and made sure I read everything I was assigned after that. :)

As far as the bar topic.... There is a bar across the street from an ice cream shop that we frequent. It's called "Wit's End". The kids always ask if it's like Whit's End from Adventures in Odessey. I always gag on my ice cream while telling them NO, it's a yucky place and we shouldn't ever go there :)

Queen of Fun said...

These are the days!
When my son turned 21 we toasted him with a 2 liter of Root Beer and then the whole family including a baby in a carriage walked up to the neighborhood bar and bought a $5.00 lottery ticket. We didn't even know how to tell if we had a winning ticket so the bartender showed us.
We walked home so bummed. There was nothing to show for our $5.00 -- not even a Cracker Jack prize. Haven't bought one since -- but what a "wild" 21st birthday!

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

So funny, you'll need to save this post and print it out to show them at 18. Hopefully they'll still think girls showing their bellybuttons are disgusting:)

Karin Katherine said...

You have the best stories Marsha. I love it.

Annie said...

I love it...I think talking about things like this when the kids are young will hopefully stick with them when they grow up. My daughter thinks showing her belly button is "hootchie".

Anonymous said...



sheila said...

Oh my gosh, that is TOOOO funny, lol