Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My little helper

Tank has been busy cleaning the glass on the french doors today.  With paper towels and Windex in hand, he then worked his way through the kitchen as well.  I see him duck into the bathroom and then out again with a big wad of paper towels.


What are you doing, Tank?


I'm cweaning the sink.


You are?  Why?


Because I sawed on the bawtle that it will cwean the sink and make it spawkle!  I heared it say that on the bawtle.  Don't worry.  It will just take me a minute.


He disappears again for a minute.


Is the sink clean in there, Tank?


Well, it's not spawkling yet.  It IS shiny, but it's not spawkling.  Maybe we should give it a few more minutes...


Yes, maybe we should. :-)  In the meantime, I will hug and kiss and tickle him and just enjoy him while it's just me and him.  Maybe dawdling isn't so bad after all!


ccmmum said...

Can he come teach my kids to that? My sinks could use some "sparkle" right about now. LOL

DebiG said...

Oh that is so cute!!!!

JenIG said...

I *love* your kids. you must come out soon to visit again

Rebeca said...

That is so sweet!



sagerats said...

me thinks thou spoke to soon! Read the comments in the adoption post.

Thanks for the compliment about my front porch reviews. It's a fun challenge to think of a theme every day. Some mornings I sit here forever trying to think of a connection!

That Tank! What a hoot! He can come over to my house and make things thparkle anytime!

Abiding in Vine!

3FoldChord said...

how neat! Ki loves to clean the bathroom, so he says... yet is still messy.

Thanks for the note.

I have 3 boys, 9.5, 11, 12.5

I need to settle my brain and pick ONE area to get back together before I move to the next area....

maybe I'll get my dark brown sugar next tiime I go to the store....

trustingdaily said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've seen you several places on HSB. Where is Porter, Texas? We live in East Texas south of Tyler.

Hope you found something yummy to eat for breakfast! =)

Have a great day! ~Angela

DanielleW said...

How incredibly CUTE. What a little man you got there! Keep up the great work. One of DS's favorite jobs in cleaning the toilet. LOL I say, more power to you son, more power to you.

Juldos said...

So sweet! Thanks for sharing!

Julie D.

flutemom said...

thanks for finding my site and posting the comments about my daughter's college decision. the decision for now is..... no decision. well, she's sure she's not going out of state, but whether or not to go back to the tech school and finish her associate's degree is still undecided.

and, about enjoying "cwean sinks"- go for it!! the children really do grow up quickly, although when you're in the middle of a bad day, you can't begin to imagine it will pass. my oldest is 22, but then I have a precious 3 yr old to keep me ever young (and ever tired, sometimes it seems!!) i like the good days better than the bad ones, but..... all sunshine and no rain makes a desert, not a paradise

dawilli said...

What a cutie! I love moments like those, keep kissing, and hugging, and tickling!

What fun, what joy!


iluvtheland said...

and giving a few suggestions for my poor tummy. I have been procrastinating taking my morning dose of the "yucky" pill, so will try doing it the way you suggested. I hope it helps---that's one nasty pill! And I did get a bottle of Probiotics and tons of live culture yogurt--great minds think alike! lol

What a cute story. It sure reminds me of when mine were young. Enjoy every minute---my youngest just turned 18. It goes by even FASTER than what people tell you it will.



anyachristine said...


Thanks for your encouragement on my blog. It was a blessing to me. I have posted an update.

Have a great day!

Christy :)

OurLittleSchoolRoom said...

And thankyou for being so encouraging. I've appreciated your visits lately.



Leigh2 said...

This is too sweet! Natalie and Jared absolutely love cleaning....if I let them pick a chore out of our chore jar. I guess it's the element of surprise...I have no idea...but they get so excited! LOL

heartmatters said...

Just wanted to say that now that I'm visiting my parents with their High speed internet I'm totally enjoying everyone's dropshots, including yours! My what talent in your home! And such energy!