Saturday, August 29, 2009

Spicy Crawly Saturday


Did it scare you?

Well, it does look creepy when you see it out of the corner of your eye (on the counter, by the microwave, in the hallway...). If you don't believe me, scroll back up to the top picture and then scroll down really quickly to the end. Did it look real for a minute there? Okay, at least for a second?

My boys are quite the comedians.


Anonymous said...

I was about ready to call an exterminator for you :)

hehe...we love practical jokes at our house too.

Your omlet looks delicious, by the way.

Andrea said...

Forget about the bug; that looks like a most delicious breakfast! Yum. Actually I could eat an omelet any time of day. Actually I think I could eat a cockroach if it was wrapped up in eggie cheesy onion/bell peppery cholula omelet! Ha!

Anonymous said...


the food, not the bug :) I'm just sayin'

Leanne said...


I was fooled! All I could think of was: Texas=cockroaches!!!! You have a sharp sense of humor!

That omelette looked splendid. I like omelettes too!


Ali said...

my kids like to stick things in my coffee when I am not looking. Like little plastic frogs or bugs. Kids do the funniest things!

OH, and your omelette looked absolutely wonderful! Makes me hungry.

Ali said...

I just had to tell you also...if you are EVER in Oregon, you gotta look me up! I saw your sister lives in Hillsboro now. That isn't too far from me! About an hour. If you visit your sister sometime I'd love to see you!


Deedee said...

I bet your guys would love Jimmie's 'Beetle on a stick' huh? :o)

Amy said...

Ha! You got me ;-)

jason said...

Seriously, has leah seen this one yet?

Anonymous said...

Those omelets look wonderful. Could you share the recipe? I'm trying to figure out what you have in the middle. Love the roach as well. Would go over well here!


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

No real recipe, Rebecca. Just ham and cheese!

And Jason, nope, Lele hasn't seen this yet-- has she? If she hasn't, we should let Noah bring it on our next visit. :)

Unknown said...

Growing up, we had a set of very fakey looking plastic bugs.My brother and I would put them on the milk jug in the refrigerator, on the counter, in the tub. My mom was such a good sport. She always let out a huge SCREAM.
Thanks for the memories.